5 Exercises to Keep Your Body Active and Have More Fun

February 23, 2023

In addition to keeping a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise is another key factor to keep our body active and healthy. Exercising helps to strengthen not only our muscles but also our joints, immune system, circulation and digestion, as mentioned by professionals and explanatory blogs such as Love My Senses.


The recommendation is to exercise daily, although it is also possible to do physical activities 3 times a week if they are combined (cardio + aerobics, for example). Next, we will analyze the importance of exercises in the care of our body and we will tell you the 5 best ways to arouse you and keep you active, healthy and youthful.


Importance of the exercises, why should we do sports constantly?


No matter what age we are, regular exercise practice benefits us in many ways and not only in the physical aspect. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of regular exercise and convince yourself why you should start doing them frequently.


It helps us to take the rains of our weight


Physical activity has always gone hand in hand with the loss and control of the excessive weight we may have. This is mainly due to the fact that the more movements and postures we perform, the more we burn those extra calories that would surely accumulate as fat mainly on our abdomens.


Considerably reduce the acute diseases

By exercising we stimulate blood flow and oxygenation of our body. This helps us to prevent numerous diseases such as:


  • Many types of cancers
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety crises
  • Metabolism problems
  • Heart attacks


It helps us to be in a better mood

Going for jogging or a walk in a park, neighboring streets or green areas distracts us and therefore we tend to relax much more. Moreover, it can also boost social relationships, as the chances of meeting new people are high. So if you’ve had a hectic day, get out and jog or walk for even 45 minutes and you’ll find that you’ll feel more relaxed.


Improves sexual activity

Not only improves our mood, but regular exercise can also improve intimate relationships and help us last longer in bed. The main reason is that in addition to making us look better physically, it has been shown that it helps arousal in women, while in men it prevents erectile dysfunction problems. And in the absence of a sexual partner, there is nothing better than having some homemade sex toys for yourself.



5 simple exercises that will help you to keep your mind and body active


Jumping rope


Who has never jumped rope? This exercise, although it may seem more like a game, activates practically the whole body, so, at the same time, we will be doing a combination of exercises. Jumping rope will help us to strengthen our muscles, have more endurance and substantially improve our reflexes and balance.


Keeping our sexual activity active

Experiencing sex is not only a matter of pleasure, because this type of exercise also benefits our health. According to numerous medical studies, having an active sex life, in addition to reducing stress levels, burns a significant amount of extra calories and improves our circulatory system. In fact, regular sexual intercourse provides a level of physical activity similar to a moderate jogging session. It is important to note that sex can be practiced both as a couple and alone. Imagine the number of calories you can lose doing threesome positions.



So letting yourself go, experimenting, testing and tempting can result in a good session of physical activity or, if you are fit, it can end with a series of multiple orgasms. Although both options can be of great fun with beneficial results in either case.



Another of the most complete exercises is undoubtedly swimming. The practice of this sport, in addition to toning our muscles, will help us to have a better blood flow, better control our body weight and increase our respiratory capacity. By swimming, we work simultaneously several parts of our body.


It is worth mentioning that swimming is also ideal for the development of children, since it not only minimizes a series of diseases in them, but also promotes the following characteristics: survival, autonomy and discipline.



Does exercising necessarily imply that we have to be physically active? The answer is simply NO! This exercise, which has been around for thousands of years, helps us to improve our flexibility and sense of balance, it also improves drastically our sleep. Another advantage of this practice is that it can be done practically anywhere you are and it doesn’t matter the age you are.


It is not superfluous to remember that Yoga helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Moreover, it improves our mental concentration. Let alone the elasticity and strength of our muscles by trying and inspiring new postures that can have a happy ending.




Besides being a very entertaining and enjoyable activity, riding a bike on a regular basis is another effective way to exercise. Did you know that cycling is one of the most complete physical activities we have? When using a bicycle we do not only work our feet, legs and arms, but also our abs, buttocks and back. So among the benefits are many and very diverse, including the pelvic floor capability of intensifying the pleasure in other activities.


Therefore, by riding a bicycle we are improving our respiratory, circulatory, digestive, muscular, skeletal and even cerebral systems. We must not forget that cycling also distracts us, so we reduce stress levels, depression or anxiety.






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