Top 3 Places Every Man Should Visit During His Life

March 5, 2023

Now that the world is opening up to travel, it’s time to get your boots on and see what it offers. Travelling and experiencing other cultures is what makes us grow as men. Staying within your insular bubble isn’t good for you; your body yearns for new experiences. The problem is, where do you go? There are so many incredible destinations that it can be hard to pick where to go first. That’s why we’re here to give you our top 3 places every man should visit.

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Growing up in the Western world can narrow your thinking and make you believe there is only one way of doing things, one culture that’s “right”. When you visit Tokyo, you quickly realise how wrong you are. Everything is completely different from what you’re familiar with, from the language to the food to the conversation pattern. There’s something about going to a completely alien culture and feeling like an outsider that changes your perspective on the world, which is something everyone should experience at least once. As well as changing your world view, there are plenty of sights to see in the city and around the suburbs. You can visit the Senso-Ji Temple, enjoy the view from the top of the Tokyo Skytree, or even tour the Imperial Palace. We recommend spending at least 10 days in Tokyo if it’s your first time, ideally a couple of weeks if you can spare the time. It’s a fantastic city and should be high on the list of everyone’s travel plans.

Las Vegas

For a completely different change of pace, you can visit fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and completely indulge your hedonistic urges. Sin City is the home of almost every vice imaginable and a culture geared towards getting you to try them all — their unofficial motto is “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. When you visit Las Vegas, you genuinely get the sense that anything goes — whether it’s drinking and gambling at 10:30 am or playing a slot machine in an airport. While nothing can truly match the feeling of being in Las Vegas, a lot of casinos have come close. Many casinos all over the world and online try to replicate the feeling of being in Vegas with the way they theme their games. This allows you to get that same thrill and excitement, whether in the UK, Australia, or Asia. The best online casinos will have generous welcome offers for new players to give you even more chances to win. However, with so many choices, it can be hard to pick the site that’s right for you. Sites like Asiabet give you honest reviews of these online casinos to ensure you choose the best site. If you want to get that Las Vegas feeling but don’t have the money to travel, you can find it on your computer.

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Serengeti National Park

Most of these lists tend to follow a trend of picking major cities for you to visit. While this list has also fallen into that trend thus far, we want to mix things up for our last choice. We spend far too much time in cities, surrounded by concrete buildings, pavement underneath our feet and breathing in fumes from the millions of vehicles on the road. We need to spend more time reconnecting with nature, and there is nowhere better to do that than at Serengeti National Park. There are 15,000 square kilometres of pure, unadulterated nature, with thousands of lions, cheetahs, and leopards roaming the land. When you arrive, you can choose from a range of camps and lodges with plenty of choices to accommodate any budget. You can walk through the park on foot or even get a bird’s eye view from a hot air balloon! Seeing these amazing animals in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something every man should do.

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