An expert’s guide to layering for the winter golf course

December 1, 2015
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It might be wet, cold and gloomy outside but this is actually a great time of year to be on the green; with fewer players on the course, you get the time, space and peace you need to practice your swing and work on your par in time for spring.

With the right golf clothes, you can stay warm, dry and comfortable in any weather so turn this season to your advantage with our ultimate guide to layering for the winter golf course. (Title image: Flickr)

Base Layer

The base layer has two major functions: to keep you warm and improve your performance.

Close or compression fit, thermal tops and leggings help to trap the body’s natural heat and keep you warm. This helps to keep your muscles limber and protect them from strains or tears and supports your full, comfortable range of movement.

For optimum comfort, look for breathable, stretch fabrics that are engineered to wick moisture away from the body. Respected brands, Galvin Green and Callaway both offer effective and comfortable base layers.

Outer Layer

The purpose of the outer layer is to regulate your temperature and offer you some protection from the elements and on mild, autumnal days, this will be enough to see you through a round comfortably.

For versatility, look for technologically enhanced stretch fabrics which also offer moisture wicking properties and breathability so that your outer layer works with your base layer to let moisture out and prevent water getting in.

Take care to select slim-fitting shirts, trousers and jumpers so that as the weather cools, you’ll be able to add another layer on top of them without adding bulk.

Furthermore, look for practical design features such as zips and collars that you can adjust to alter your body temperature, as well as pockets for stowing your gloves, spare tees or scorecard in. Adidas, Calvin Klein and Under Armour all make excellent golf jumpers and layering tops for golfers who want functionality and style.


Shell Layer

Once the winter weather really sets in you’ll need a shell layer to keep the icy wind and rain out and there are three key things to look for from winter golf jackets and trousers; they should be windproof, waterproof and ventilated.

Gore-tex golf clothing is always a safe bet but consider the design features too. Full zips, mesh ventilation panels and adjustable hems and cuffs will all help you to tailor your clothing on the course to suit your style preferences and the conditions.

Once again, look for waterproof jackets and trousers that are slim-fitting so that they complement the heat-retaining, breathable properties of your under-layers without adding bulk which will inhibit your range of movement; Oscar Jacobson and Footjoy both offer a stylish selection in their winter golfwear ranges.

You won’t need all three layers as soon as it gets a bit chilly outside but once you’ve got them, you’re equipped to turn winter to your advantage and play in any condition!




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