How to Find Beauty Companies Men Will Thrive In

February 10, 2017

The beauty industry has been undergoing an underground transformation during the past few years, and one of the most profound changes recently exploded into the mainstream. The idea that men can, do, and should wear makeup, create beauty products, and work in the beauty industry seems new and sudden, especially since several beloved beauty brands are proudly introducing male ambassadors. Momentum has been building slowly but steadily over time, however, and it’s now the perfect time for guys to enter the beauty industry and make their mark.

Cement Your Social Media Presence

There are all sorts of beauty companies. There are just as many skill sets within the beauty industry. What is yours? In what area do you excel? Are you a phenomenal makeup artist? Do you make your own lotions, serums, or cosmetics? Showcase your talents all over social media. Focus your energy on visual mediums, such as YouTube and Instagram. Makeup artists such as James Charles and Manny Gutierrez used their skills not only just as artists, but also as vloggers and social media sensations to gain the attention of big-name beauty brands. James Charles went viral with a single stellar tweet.

Show the World What You’re Working With

Whatever you use, share it loud and proud. Tag your favorite brands anytime you use one of their products. Don’t act inauthentic in tutorials or Snapchat videos, but let everyone watching know what you use, what you love, and what works. This is also the time to find your niche. What kind of products do you like to use? What brands are your favorites? Highlight your use of cruelty-free cosmetics or organic materials.

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Form a Lucrative Partnership

If there’s a company that you like, even if you buy into the politics, think about creating a connection, even if you do so out of whole cloth. For example, by working for Amway, a company that allows you to buy into its beauty products, you can essentially form your own beauty channel. Showcase the cosmetics and other beauty products you use in each vlog—video blog—or tutorial. With the right marketing plan, you can sell them to your fans, followers, and viewers, and make a tidy profit in the meantime.

Sell Yourself to the Popular Brands

As mentioned, two of the most popular beauty brands recently brought on male ambassadors. CoverGirl and Revlon are ahead of the game, and since the public reaction to James and Manny is so positive, more cosmetics companies are eagerly following suit. Do what you can to get in with the brands that welcome men with open arms. A viral tweet, a killer #MOTD—makeup of the day—selfie on Instagram, or a widely viewed video on YouTube can land you a job if the right people see it. This, too, is why your social media savvy is so important.

Target Small Brands with Big Potential

Makeup lovers know that there’s a world of smaller, lesser-known brands with beautiful products and diverse work environments. You don’t have to target the big guys in your quest to get into a beauty company. Benefit, Stila, Tarte, and Nyx are just a few of the beauty brands that are well-known for featuring diverse models and employees in their commercials and social media campaigns.

Start from the Bottom

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You don’t have to get in with a cosmetic company first, however. The beauty business is wide-ranging, after all. Why not consider getting a job at your favorite beauty or makeup store? Sephora has lots of love for men in the industry, as do many of today’s beauty box suppliers, such as Birchbox. Even if you start at the bottom of the totem pole, you can work your way up to the ladder, learning the ins and outs of the business as you go. Having that kind of knowledge will always benefit your resume.

The beauty industry has plenty of room for men, and that space will continue to grow as it becomes more acceptable for men to make their mark in the business.

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