Top 5 First Cars for Young Drivers

September 27, 2016
ford fiesta

Everybody remembers the first car they owned and choosing your first car is a huge decision. There are many factors to consider before purchasing your first car; such as obviously the price, the running costs, safety features and probably most important to the young people of today, the look of the car.

The following list is of what we consider to be the top 5 first cars for young drivers, taking into consideration a wide range of factors:

  • Ford Fiesta

Our top choice is the classic Ford Fiesta. This car needs very little introduction and makes a great first car for many reasons. When it comes to reliability and running costs this is a market leader. The Fiesta also has a great safety rating and is a smooth runner on motorways compared to some of its competitors. The Fiesta also is very spacious for a small car, giving you more confidence when driving. When it comes to insurance, as long as you stay away from the high end super tuned models such as the ST, you shouldn’t have a problem. Most models sit within insurance groups 3 to 5.

  • Toyota Aygo


Now, you might not have expected to see the Aygo on this list, let alone at number 2!  However, the Aygo is a great car and can make the perfect first car. With its X-shaped front grill, it has a great look and style about it. But it gets better when you get inside with most modern day technology coming as standard. The Aygo also has sound defending built in, so is quiet on the motorway leading to a pleasant drive.

  • VW UP!

You all knew that a Volkswagen would be in this list as lets face it when it comes to    cars, they don’t come more reliable than Volkswagen. You may be asking why the Up is on our list rather than the classic Polo? Well, there are a few reasons and the first is price.  When it comes to price, the Up is amongst the cheapest in its range and for a VW it is fantastic value for money. The Up is also very small making it a good choice for first time drivers who aren’t confident in tight spaces or at parking, and with most base models in insurance group 1, you will save plenty on insurance costs.

  • Dacia Sandero

At number 4 is the Dacia Sandero. This car has found fame and made it on to our list for being the cheapest small car on the market. So if you want a fairly new first car but your budget is limited, this is the car for you.  We would highly recommend you go for at least the Ambience model, so you have the advantage of additional features such as remote central locking.

  • Mini Cooper


The Mini Cooper is probably one of the most recognisable cars on the road and it would have been rude not to include it on our list.  However, this car is defiantly not for shoppers on a budget and is certainly a high end small car. That said, you certainly get what you pay for, the Mini is a great car with every bit of technology you could want in it. The Mini also has a wide range colour options and styles so if style and showing off your personality is important, you’re on to a winner.  Please note though, as the smallest engine size is 1.4 litres, the Mini varies between insurance group 8 all the way up to 17 so this additional expenditure may also be more than you expected.

We hope you found this list helpful and we would highly recommend testing drive a range of cars before making your final decision.  Available Car has over 5000 cars for you to look at and test drive and would be a great place to start your search!

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