Iron & Pin.

November 9, 2013
Now that it’s finally short-wearing season, I won’t have to engage with those things that are the bane of my life quite so often – trousers. There’s something about trying on pair after pair of trousers that leaves you feeling oddly proportioned or thoroughly bored since most – within my budget’s price-range – are either shoddily cut or terminally boring.
04b6b ironandpin
Iron & Pin, the brainchild of Norwich-based designer Tom Hayden seeks to set right what countless brands have messed up since the birth of off-the-rack clothing, by breathing new life into trousers and retailing them at affordable price-points. The entire process is carried out by himself and himself alone, with delicious, detail-laden results like the below-pictured…
d418a ironandpin7141
41562 ironandpin7142

^ 7:14, made from grey panama, with upturned hems and double-stitched inside legs – £59.99

22a29 ironandpincoldcut1

0beb1 ironandpincoldcut2
^ Cold Cut, made from twill with a slight drop-crotch and tapered leg (and a logo you’d actually be proud to sport on the back) – £59.99 

bfc8e ironandpinlotte2
c7f57 ironandpinlotte1

^ Lotte, made from easy-wear navy blue fabric with an extended right side which folds ’round and is fixed with a wooden toggle – £59.99

7171e ironandpindropcrotchtotebag1
^ Drop-crotch trouser bag! A quirky one-off at the price of £9.99
For more on Tom and Iron & Pin, check out his site here feat. an informative Tumblr and easily navigable online store (with tees, too) and stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for an exclusive discount.

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