Tips for Your First Denver Vacation since Legalization

September 4, 2016
Tips for Your First Denver Vacation since Legalization vaporplants welcome to Colorado roadside

Known as the Mile High City due to its exact elevation of one mile, the city of Denver’s nickname now has a double meaning; it has been one of the most sought after tourism sites after recreational marijuana was legalized because many people flock there to get a taste of the high life. Before you go, there are some things you should take into consideration.

Be Smart: Rent Your Own Vape


Since it is illegal to carry marijuana or related paraphernalia across state lines, it is not wise to carry your favorite glass bong or a vaporizer on your trip to Denver. Instead, there are many options for you to rent a marijuana vaporizer in Denver. You can go through a popular tour company called My 420 Tours who set you up in a weed friendly hotel where they will hand you a vaporizer upon check in. If you do not stay at one of the recommended hotels, you can still rent a high quality table top vaporizer for a daily rate. (To purchase a vaporizer, see

Pot Tours

We should touch on the tours that you can go on while visiting the Denver area. As mentioned, the most popular tour company, My 420 Tours, hopes to be “your Colorado friend who holds your hand and shows you this is real,” according to the founder of the company. They guide you through a four-hour dispensary and growery tour on a party bus while informing you of differences in strains, the effects of CBD and THC, and a wealth of information regarding the differences between different smoking methods, from the basic joint to vaporizers.

Best Places to Stay in Denver

You might think a hotel is the best place to stay, like you would when traveling anywhere else, but if you are planning to smoke freely, it might not be the best choice. In Denver, public consumption of cannabis is still illegal, meaning you cannot just step out onto a balcony and toke up. If you cannot find a hotel that lets you toke or vape in a smoking room, it is best to look elsewhere.

AirBnB and Craigslist seem to be the best options, as you can often find “420 Friendly” homes to be invited into where you can smoke anywhere inside or outside on their private land.

Pot Clubs, Dispensaries and More!


You know why you’re here, and so do they. You want the full experience, and Denver offers plenty of pot clubs to go into and enjoy your favorite strain legally, and in a relaxed atmosphere. They also boast about a great nightlife scene to enjoy after you finish toking in private. You also might be interested in buying a few grams yourself. If you are looking for a dispensary, Denver has you covered.

These are just a few things you should know about before you make your pilgrimage to Denver, Colorado. Be smart, be safe, and work within the legal limits to ensure you and everyone you are traveling with gets the best out of this truly amazing experience.

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