How to Find A Rolex Under Retail Value

September 10, 2018
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If you’ve ever brought a luxury watch you’ll know one thing, as soon as you buy it the watch depreciates. That’s not smart investing is it?

There is a way you can buy a Rolex under retail value & have more chance of it’s value increasing over time.

Wouldn’t it be great to own a luxury piece like a Rolex and know that in the future you may be able to sell it for more money than when you brought it?

If the answer is yes, read on because we are going to reveal a hidden secret about buying luxury watches.

The secret is quite simple.

Buy second hand!

Buy second hand and avoid the depreciation of buying new. Think about it,  it’s very similar to buying a new vs buying a second hand car.

As soon as you drive a car out of the forecourt it’s immediately lost you money.  But, buy a second hand, vintage car and you could be driving it around and making money at the same time.

This simple concept is one of the reasons the team at fell for the pre-owned watch market. There are a couple more reasons to buy pre-owned, let’s explore those now.

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3 Reasons To Buy Pre-Owned

  1. You Are Spoiled for Choice

There are more watches to choose from when you look for a second hand watch on From new, still boxed models to one from the year you were born, these classic watches are available now.

  1. Huge Cost Savings

As we just discussed, when a watch transitions from new to pre-owned, the price reflects the depreciation at that point in time. This means that the only way for the value to go is up for the new owner – you.

Some watches increase in value as models are discontinued or in limited production and become rare. Entering the Rolex market with a second hand purchase makes it more accessible and makes more sense financially.

  1. Enjoy Vintage Luxury Style

Watches were the first and only technology that most people owned which means they will always hold a special place in people’s hearts. While the smart watches of today are very popular, it is highly unlikely they will increase in value. In fact, the new smart watches are more likely to become outdated as new technology hits the market. A class luxury Rolex is more likely to increase in value as time goes on as long as you buy the right models & do your research.

Top Rolex Buys

We couldn’t write about pre-owned Rolex watches without highlighting a few that are available on our website. The team have put together this special list of the best value Rolex deals from our website right now.

Rolex Submariner

It is hard to beat a vintage Submariner, a classic diver’s watch that is also a widely recognized status symbol. The Submariner is a robust, functional icon of a timepiece, with a distinctive dial and Oyster case, updated but still true to the original 1953 model.

Top Submariners >>

Submariner No Date Men’s Steel 1995

Submariner No Date Men’s Steel 2006

Submariner Date Men’s Steel 2015

Rolex Daytona

Any collector would make room for a Rolex Daytona. The Daytona was introduced to the world in 1963 and meant for professional racing drivers. Drivers can measure speeds up to 400 miles per hour, which means the Daytona needed to have a highly reliable chronograph and tachymeter. Full of classic 60’s style, the distinctive black dial and Oyster style band make for an iconic Rolex.

Top Daytonas >>

Rolex Daytona Men’s Steel/Gold

Rolex Daytona Men’s Steel/Gold 2006

Rolex Daytona Men’s Steel/Gold 2017

Rolex Prince

We could not resist listing this 1930 vintage Rolex Prince because it is such a beautiful example of timeless Rolex style. Crafted in yellow gold, this men’s watch looks great on a smaller wrist, as it is only 22 mm across. A full manual movement, it does include a small second dial and shows its age in the case. Since a 1933 model recently went for over $36,000 at auction, we feel the price is a bargain.

Rolex Cellini Prince Men’s Yellow Gold

Are you still looking for the perfect Rolex? is here to help, with great service, fast shipping and secure payment. Get in touch with our team of luxury watch experts and find your ideal Rolex.

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