Got the email marketing blues? The fix might be easier than you think.

November 27, 2018
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If you haven’t been getting the best results with your email marketing, maybe you are doing something wrong. Keep reading to find out!

Some people might think that emails are outdated. Are they the dinosaurs of the internet? Well, they probably are, because they have been around forever. However, they aren’t as clumsy as a bulky T-Rex. They are more like raptors: fast, agile, and resourceful.

Even in the age of social media, emails are still the most popular online marketing tool. Overt 200 billion emails hit inboxes every single day. Many of these emails are actually marketing messages.

Professional marketers are very aware of the power of a great email. This is the reason why they work hard to compose effective emails down to the tiniest detail. Keep reading to learn more!

The Top to Bottom approach.

When composing an email, think of it from a “top to bottom” perspective. An email starts with a headline (top), continues with a body (middle) and ends with a call to action (bottom). This simple structure is a proven formula. It will always enable you to write killer content! If you follow it every time you write an email, you will certainly enjoy a sure-fire hit!

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Top: The Headline.

The first step is all about the headline. Let’s start from the top! A good title is the best way to get people to click through. “Clickbait” sounds like a bad connotation, but it doesn’t have to be. A clickbait isn’t bad, if you actually deliver on the promise. The content of your email should back up the title’s pledge. Remember that a click-worthy headline isn’t a way to “trick” people into opening an email. It’s a creative way to make it more enticing!

Middle: The Body.

The “middle” step involves composing the body of the email. The term “body” refers to the actual content of the email. It’s common to feature text and media, such as images, links or video. However, it’s important to maintain a good ratio between the various elements. Too much text? The email will look boring and bulky. Too many pictures? It will look confusing and slow. Too many links? It will look like spam. Using email marketing software like Delivra is a great way to edit and process your emails in the best possible way.

Balance is essential. When writing your email, create a good harmony between its elements.

Bottom: The Call To Action (CTA).

They say that “opposite attracts”, but with email marketing, the opposite is true (pun intended!).

A call to action (CTA) is often misunderstood. Many writers struggle to come up with effective CTAs, even if they have experience. The trick is to understand your audience. The call to action is almost like a small conversation. Write it the way you would greet someone, or say goodbye. It’s like asking an old friend to give you a call after a meeting. “Hey buddy, it was nice to catch up, give me a call. We should do this again!”

It is all down to your particular situation. Your CTA should be in line with the “image” you want to portray. If you are writing an email about a skateboard brand, you wouldn’t want to sound too formal. If you are writing about mortgages and financial aid, you may want to approach a less casual tone.

You can use a very similar approach for your emails. “Thanks for your time! We are always available if you have any questions. Feel free to reach out!”

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