A Fisherman’s Feeding Frenzy: The Best Android Apps for Enthusiastic Anglers

September 14, 2016
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When you go fishing these days, one of the things you’ll almost certainly have on you is a smartphone. If so, there are a number of excellent apps that can help you to get even more out of your fishing trips. Here are a few of the best to check out.

Field & Stream

Field & Stream is the app from one of the biggest outdoor magazines in the world. It is packed full of information on not only fishing but also survival, hunting, and everything about being outdoors. Get access to the latest news, tips, and guidance, as well as videos and photos, and don’t leave home without it.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

This excellent app provides a fantastic source for the Solunar time tables, helping you to predict movement and feeding periods. You’ll get both minor and major period estimates, sun and moon rise and set times, and a pro version is also available.


Fish Rules

Fish Rules is great for saltwater fishing fans. Find out all the rules and regulations across the country, and get regulations based on where you are and the time of year. Find out which fish are in season, how many fish you can keep, and more, along with detailed guides.


Fishbrain is a social networking app for fishing enthusiasts. See the huge database of fishing locations, over 1.7 million at the moment, and find out where’s best to fish, the bait that works, the fish that are biting, and more. You can contribute to the community as well.

Weather Live

Whether you want to fish in all weathers or not, it’s good to have an accurate weather forecast on you at all times. With Weather Live Free, that’s exactly what you have. Find out the most up-to-date forecasts, as well as a 7-day forecast, to avoid getting stuck in a storm.

Pro Angler

Pro Angler is another app for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. This is a huge resource of information, and you can use it to discover thousands of the top places to fish. Get access to regulations, both state and federal, and hundreds of species of saltwater fish. Find out what is biting where you are each week, get reports from professionals, and also get guides to gear, knots, and more.



Fishidy is a great app that helps you to find local fishing spots. Find out about the activity in each place, log your catch, and get access to the community and the best information. It’s constantly updated, the fishing maps are useful, and you can even record your catches.

Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots is a useful app that will prevent you from ever forgetting your knots. Knots are a useful skill for all fishing enthusiasts, and you can use this app to discover new ways to secure your hook to the line.

Get More Out of Your Angling

These apps provide you with some ways to get even more from your fishing. Whether you are looking for news, tips, guidance, weather forecasts, new skills, or the best fishing locations, you’ll find that there is a perfect app for your needs.

A guest post by Harry Farmer. Harry is a keen fisherman who enjoys nothing better than a weekend on the water, even better if he is joined by his two sons.

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