What women really think of your style

September 13, 2016
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It’s time to take an honest look at your style. Your clothes, shoes and hair all create an impression of who you are. They also influence who notices you, and what they think of when they notice you. It’s simply not true that women see your personality first. Aside from that being impossible, a woman can’t get to know your personality until she notices your physical self.


If you want to really impress, it’s time to consider what women really think of your style. Here are some tips to help you improve your look for maximum benefit.


Top tips


Unless you at a baseball game or on the golf course, you can leave your baseball caps at home. Just because the President signs autographs in them doesn’t mean women find them stylish. Invest in a great haircut, and then take the time every day to maintain it, or go old-school and try a fedora, just like your grandpa used to wear. It says you appreciate classics and pay attention to detail.


While glasses might make a man look intellectual, first impressions are best made with unimpeded eye to eye contact. Glasses can also hide some of your best features, like chiseled cheekbones and long eyelashes. Once you have her phone number, you can prove you are smart, but until then, consider contacts or eye surgery so your beautiful peepers can lock with hers.


Clothing caveats


Woman see romance and effort in your style. They see being swept off their feet and treated royally. Wearing a tailored suit and paying attention to details like matching the tie and the shirt can be almost as strong an aphrodisiac. It’s an investment, but you don’t need more than one or two nice suits in classic styles made from quality cloth, a few dress shirts, and some silk ties to have an eye-popping wardrobe that will last you years.


Your casual look can be the difference between a first date, and another night with your television. Make sure your jeans fit well, but in the right places, tight in the back and not overly revealing in the front. Fit includes length – no showing off white socks or trailing a ratty edge from dragging on the ground. Pair your jeans with linen button down shirts, not t-shirts with Harley logos. Different women like shirts tucked in, others not, so do what works for you, but make sure the shirt is not wrinkled.


Sexy shoes


You know how much women love designer footwear? Did you ever consider that women not only wear nice shoes, they also appreciate men in nice footwear? Invest in black and brown dress shoes, and loafers for casual, but don’t expect one pair to last forever. Old, tattered shoes are a turn-off. And if you’re going to wear sandals, make sure your feet are presentable.


It’s isn’t hard to make a good impression with a few changes to your style. Invest in simple, classic items, and pair them with sparkling eyes and a brilliant smile. Your efforts are sure to be appreciated.

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