3 Ways To Overcome Anxieties In The Bedroom

August 25, 2016
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From worries about weight to concerns over erectile dysfunction, a range of things can trigger anxieties in the bedroom. Physical intimacy with your partner is supposed to be pleasurable, but if you have insecurities over issues like these, you’re unlikely to enjoy your time between the sheets. When you’re anxious, your body can experience a rise in stress hormones, and this suppresses your arousal response. If you’re sick of sexual performance anxiety preventing you from enjoying this side of your relationship, it’s worth following these three steps.

  1. Find out what’s causing the problem

Your first priority should be to discover what’s causing the problem. Perhaps you already know what’s preventing you from enjoying sex, but if you’re not sure, it’s useful to book an appointment with a medical professional. For example, if you struggle to get an erection during sex or you find you can’t orgasm, your doctor can ask you questions and run tests to see what may be triggering the problem. You might find that an underlying health issue is to blame, or that the cause of your problem is psychological rather than physical.

  1. Try an effective treatment


Once you have a better understanding of the trigger of your anxiety, you can look for suitable treatments. You might find that the answer to your problems is a medicine. For instance, many men with erectile dysfunction use treatments called phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors to increase their confidence in the bedroom. These medicines work by temporarily increasing blood flow to the penis. The best known is Viagra, but there are other very similar treatments, including Cialis. You can get a prescription for these medicines from your doctor or an online pharmacist. For example, subject to the completion of an online consultation, it’s possible to order both Viagra and .

Another treatment option that may benefit you is counselling. Specialist therapists can help you to understand your sexuality and become more comfortable with it, and they can teach techniques to overcome problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

  1. Be honest with your partner


Even though it might be an awkward topic to bring up, it’s useful if you can be open and honest with your partner about your anxieties. Trying to conceal your insecurities only makes things worse and, if you shy away from sex without telling your other half why, you risk giving the impression that you simply don’t want to be intimate with them anymore. Ultimately, this could drive the two of you apart. Try to find a time when you’re not in a rush and you are alone with your partner to explain your difficulties. Once your other half is in the picture concerning your problems, they can help you to come up with a plan to tackle them. Opening up like this can help to take the pressure off and it might bring you and your partner closer together.

Following these suggestions should help you to address your anxieties in the bedroom and it could put you on the path to better sex and a stronger relationship.

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