How to Flirt in a Naughty Dating Chat Room

August 18, 2016
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There are thousands of ways that you can flirt with someone online, but one of the most preferred ways is via a naughty dating chat room. One thing you don’t want to do is come off looking like some creepy person, right? We’ve got some important rules that you should always follow when you’re trying to mac on some hot babe, whether she’s in a naughty dating chat room, instant messenger, or through DM. Continue reading and prepare to be educated!

1 – Start a casual conversation. Just like the real world, the only way to start flirting with someone in a naughty dating chat room is by diving into the fun. Send the prospective person a casual introductory message. You can ask them a generic question and get a casual conversation going. Remember, the hardest thing about flirting with someone online is getting over that fear. Once you do that, the rest will come easily.

2 – Start some small talk. Once you’ve exchanged pleasantries and greetings, you can ask the mandatory “getting to know you” questions. These include things like what they do for a living, favorite past times, and things of that nature. Keep the conversation light and fun—you don’t want to get too serious, especially if you’re in a naughty dating chat room!

3 – Make jokes and playful banter. A great way to keep the tone of the conversation light and carefree is by joking with one another and even engaging in playful teasing. You don’t want to tease the person too much because it could feel malicious after a while. Always keep in mind that there will always be a very fine line between being flirtatious and being a jerk. To avoid crossing that line, stay away from personal subjects that could offend the other person and hurt their feelings.


4 – Use flirty emoticons. Emoticons are the perfect way to show the other person that you’re only teasing and actually flirting. Prime examples of emoticons that you’ll see in a naughty dating chat room include the winking face (😉) or the raspberry face (:-p).

5 – Turn up the heat when the time is right. You have been teasing one another back and forth, and you feel like the chemistry is buzzing between the two of you. It’s time to dial up the heat a few degrees. You don’t want to get too scandalous too quickly, as it could be a huge turn-off. Instead, make some implied innuendos, rather than just saying, “I think you’re hot, let’s bump uglies.”

6 – Always be the one to end the conversation. It’s tempting to keep the conversation going, especially when you’re having a great time with someone in a naughty dating chat room; however, we recommend that you end the conversation when things are really starting to heat up. Yes, it may seem counter-intuitive, but when you leave in the middle of a steamy chat, you’ll have them coming back for more sooner than you think! And that, dear friends, is always a great sign.

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