The Most Underrated Companies To Follow In The Forex Industry

August 21, 2016
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When it comes to trading in forex there is hardly any doubt that identifying the right service provider is extremely important. However, this is not easy because there are literally hundreds of such forex entities and selecting the best and separating the grain from the chaff could often be a tough and challenging task. Hence over the next few lines we will try and have a look at a few forex companies which are underrated for a variety of reasons.

These are perfectly suited companies for those who are getting into forex as beginners. Experienced traders can manage and make good with any organizations and only newcomers and beginners need some hand holding as far as the various procedures and methods of making money in forex are concerned. Here are a list of a few such companies which over the years have become famous and perhaps are also not very well understood by customers.


This is a company which offers traders to get into trading into foreign exchange without having to pay a single dollar as deposit. Apart from this wonderful bonus, it also offers unlimited number of practice accounts. It could be one of the lesser known companies but it offers the facility of viewing recorded or live webinars which are uploaded by their educational team. It is also one of the few forex companies which also offer in person workshops. Hence it could be a suitable first step for those getting into forex trading for the first time.

Oanada Corporation


This is another service provider but over the past many years they have been able to win the heart of many companies and it is hoped that some day they will reach dizzying heights and could reach the standards of companies like CMC Markets. It offers practice account which does not have an expiry date. Hence traders can practice as much they want before they actually get into live trading.

Tradekind Forex

Though the minimum deposit is just $500 it should be looked into the background of allowing the traders to go in for a practice amount of $50,000. This is a forex company which has been around since 2005. It is one of the few trading companies which have an exhaustive and highly informative FAQ section and the best of glossaries. It also comes with an education tab which helps a lot in enabling traders to know more about the technical details, and also know more about fundamental analysis.

TradeStation Group

Though not one of the most well known forex trader, there is no doubt that TradeStation Group certainly has quite a few things to offer to its customers. It has been around for a reasonably long period of time (since 1999). Therefore they are aware of the finer points of forex trading. It allows customers to learn trading at their own pace. It also provides labs, events and also their own university which could be useful for quick tips and also feedback from media. Events are available both for free and are also fee based.



This is a forex company which can allow traders to start with a minimum amount of $2000. Though they may not be one of the most well known in this business, they have earned the reputation of offering investor education tips, forex platform. It also has a robust video tutorial, Quiz facility and other avenues which will goad customers to think outside the box.

Place Trade Financial

This is perhaps one of the few online trading companies which have separate minimum deposits based on age. For those aged between 21 and 26, the minimum deposit amount of $3000 while for others it is $5000. Hence it could be ideal for those who are keen on getting into the forex market as a beginner. It also has some of the best collection of widgets, videos, tools, apps, webinars and much more. They are also famous for offering some of the best investor education courses.

The above are just a few names which might not be well known but which perhaps can offer quality services to their customers. If one spends time on the internet they will be able to come out many more such little known but extremely customer friendly forex trading corporations and companies.

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