When Men Wed: Top Things You’re Doing That Could Destroy Your Marriage

September 16, 2016
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It’s natural to find a special person, get married, have children, buy a home, etc.  However, some men sabotage their happy ending by making marital mistakes.  Here’s how to spot, understand, and rectify the following that men do which could destroy a marriage.

Leaving Wife Alone

Whether due to allegiance to work, friends, or a pastime, some men leave their spouses alone for long periods of time.  Such limited interaction is sure to kill intimacy and in some cases the entire relationship.  If you’re not using most of your free time to be with your girl, you need to have a conversation about the importance of time spent together.

Not Making Girlfriend Feel Unique

Every girlfriend wants to feel like their guy only has eyes for them.  A guy needs to make his gal feel that she’s one-of-a-kind.  Reserve special treatment for your girl and remind her of the reasons why she’s the one for you.  Watch how you talk to other girls.  If there’s not a distinct difference in body language, flirting, and comfort, you need to figure out why you’re not most charming to your wife or girlfriend.

Not Listening


A good husband or boyfriend listens when their mates speak.  Be sure that you’re a good listener.  Otherwise, a lack of communication can create rifts in the relationship.  Be an active listener.  Being in a relationship means being supportive of each other.  You can’t be fully supportive if you’re partially listening.

Being Sexually Ignorant

A lover needs to feel sexually fulfilled.  Some men may have medical problems and others may be sexually shy or have limited experience in the bedroom.  However, girls have desires and want them addressed by their boyfriend or husband.  Be verbal and inquire about her wants.

Forgetting the Little Things

Most guys buy flowers, remember anniversaries, and take their girl out to dinner.  However, the little things count too.  Do you go out of your way to prepare her favorite lunch?  Leave love notes in the novel she’s reading?  Do you know her preferred color, Netflix genre, and variety of fruit?  If so, you’re attentive to the little things and invest thought.  The bare minimum won’t cut it in the long term.

Being Critical

A guy needs to accept his gal’s personality and love her for her quirks.  None of us are perfect, so being critical is inappropriate.  A relationship should not be emotionally terroristic.  Love exists between two people who build each other up rather than tear at egos.  Don’t criticize or belittle your wife or girlfriend.



A guy who is cheating on his wife has obviously violated the foundation of marriage and should be truthful.  A couple can seek counseling after an infidelity.  It’s up to the woman as to whether she can learn to accept and move on from the past.  However, if an issue is not realized and addressed, it’s likely going to continue to cause trouble in the relationship.  Read about divorce proceedings at www.divorceguru.com.

Having an Addiction

A man who is addicted to drugs or alcohol may lack the intellectual and emotional effort to nurture his relationship.  Addictions create personal as well as interpersonal confusion and complication.  Please get help if suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.  Addiction creates trouble in marriages and can very well end them.  Don’t live with or tolerate addictive and abusive behavior.

Joe Simmons writes about matters of the heart! Using his life experience and successful 12 year marriage to create his content. His articles appear on relationship as well as lifestyle blogs.

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