Does South Africa Have It All for the Adventure Hungry Traveller?

September 22, 2022
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South Africa has rapidly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting more than 1.5 million people in a regular year. Its appeal is in its diversity of options, which appeal to a wide range of travellers. The country’s natural beauty and abundance of wildlife are among its main draws, but there are also options to suit entertainment junkies in search of thrills. The variety of activities to do should also appeal to adventure-hungry travellers who are eager to experience everything the world has to offer.

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Acclaimed Natural and Historical Sites

South Africa is a vast country with more than 1.2 million square kilometres of total area, meaning that visitors need to have a plan of action about what they want to see when there. It would take a lot of time to take in everything, so tourists may have to pick and choose their favourite natural attractions to go to.

The number one heritage site in South Africa is Robben Island on the Western Cape. This is where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his prison sentence, and those who are interested in the history of the South African legend can go on a guided tour of the island to learn about his time in incarceration. Another unmissable location is Vredefort Dome in Free State. This is the oldest verified impact crater in the world, formed more than 2 million years ago. Some other stunning places to visit include Table Mountain, The Castle of Good Hope, and Pilgrim’s Rest.

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Incredible Entertainment Options

South Africa isn’t only about sightseeing and photography – although that will be a large part of many people’s trips. The country will also appeal to people in search of entertainment, with a variety of options to get involved with. The world of eSports, for example, is growing in stature across South Africa.

Numerous teams are cropping up in the country, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being the most popular game. There are 11 squads in the country, and they have gained more than $163,000 in prize money so far. Travellers may be able to watch them in action at eSports events, with some of the main tournaments run by Telkom VS Gaming and the African Cyber Gaming League.

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Another form of gaming that is beginning to thrive in SA is online casinos. These sites have recently boomed thanks to the greater availability of the internet in the country in recent years. There are now so many operators targeting South African players, players turn to options like to choose where to play. It discusses the various loyalty programs available, along with what deposits sites accept. Welcome bonuses are compared as well, and players simply click a link to join the site instantly. Aside from the bustling online world, there are 39 land-based casinos dotted across the country as well. This means that holidaymakers have the option to either play online or offline.

Life-changing Activities

South Africa is one country that should allow visitors to tick off a few things on their bucket lists. Venturing out on safari, for instance, is an adventure that a lot of people would like to do before they die. There are a few game reserves for people to choose from, with the Kruger National Park being the most popular. It is two million hectares in size and offers up a broad variety of species. The unique thing is that a lot of these animals can only be found in Africa. South Africa may be one of the more tourist-friendly destinations in the continent, which is why so many people decide to go there.

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Observing elephants, lions, and buffaloes in their natural habitats are likely to appeal to most travellers. If not, though, there are plenty of other activities to get involved with when in South Africa. Skydiving, scuba diving, zip-lining and racing are all things that holidaymakers can choose from. Countless tour companies are arranging enjoyable days out for people involving these activities.

With all the amazing things for travellers to do, South Africa is one of the best countries in the world for tourism. An adventure there is going to appeal to almost anyone, and it will be forever engrained in the memory.

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