4 Myths and Facts About Axe Throwing

June 24, 2022
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Axe throwing has only recently become popularized as a sport, but people across the world are already picking it up in droves. Unfortunately, as with any new thing, the sport of axe throwing is surrounded by some serious myths and misconceptions. Read on to find out the truth behind them.

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Myth #1: Axe Throwing Has to Be an Outdoor Activity

Most people think of axe throwing as an outdoor activity, but in fact, many of the clubs, lounges, and bars that come up with a search for axe throwing near me are indoor-only establishments. It makes sense for clubs to set up shop indoors given that the weather can make throwing conditions challenging, to say the least. It’s more enjoyable to practice axe throwing indoors where wind, rain, and cold can’t get in the way of a good throw.

Myth #2: Axe Throwing Is a Man’s Sport

While people not in the know often conjure up images of burly lumberjacks when they think of axe throwing, the reality is that all kinds of people go to axe throwing lounges. There are almost as many women as there are men, and everyone is welcome.

Axe throwers who can overcome the misconception that it’s a man’s sport will even find that axe-throwing clubs and lounges can be great places to take a date. Many women find axe throwing empowering, and modern clubs make a point of creating spaces where people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds feel comfortable learning a new sport.

Myth #3: It Takes a Lot of Strength to Throw Axes

The general public often views axe throwing as a brute sport, but that’s a misconception. Strength may be important, but it’s just one of many factors that influence how good someone gets at throwing axes. Accurate axe throwing is more about balance, precision, and control than it is about brute strength.

It’s easy to strengthen muscles. Developing good aim and throwing technique is usually more of a challenge because it involves a level of skill and finesse that can only be gained through practice. For most people, strength is less crucial because it’s easy to start increasing the power in a throw after learning how to train the shot.

Myth #4: Axe Throwing Is a Solo Sport

While it’s true that axe throwing doesn’t require a team, it’s a mistake to assume that everyone who enjoys this sport is a loner. It’s even more fun to learn how to throw axes, practice shots, and participate in tournaments with dates, family members, or groups of friends. Throwing axes with other people offer the chance to test skills and engage in friendly competition.

Group axe-throwing games are a lot like darts. Each person takes a turn and keeps his or her score. At the end of the night, those scores get tallied up to determine who the winner is. There are also team axe-throwing tournaments and other fun alternative score-keeping methods that may be more appealing to groups.

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Learn the Truth

The best way to find out what axe throwing is really about and to differentiate between myths and facts is to book a night at an axe-throwing lounge with a friend, date, or colleague. The sport is fun and fully inclusive, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. It takes some time to learn how to throw axes, but newcomers usually find themselves surrounded by supportive people.

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