Travel with Style in Los Angeles

September 7, 2015

Los Angeles breeds actors and musicians from all over the world. It is different from any other city that you could visit or live in. Bumping into your favorite star is a very real possibility in Los Angeles and so is living like one of them, if only for a short period of time. It’s a creative melting pot with plenty of appeal. If you want to live like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie, then you must first have a crash pad with a minimum of 10,000 sq. As a matter of fact, here are some tips on how to do Los Angeles in style.


Rent a Rock Star Worthy Pad

I know you’ve seen the homes the rich and famous live in. One way to live like a movie star is to snag prestigious Los Angeles villa rentals. They are incredible million dollar frames. If you want to live out your dreams of being wealthy and exceedingly popular, LA is the place to do it in. Check this pad out.




Surrounded by lots of palm trees, this shady little spot is great for entertaining outdoors and indoors. The furniture is hand picked for style and quality.  This humble abode is nothing short of posh and comforting. Of course, there’s a bar, an astounding floral arrangement in the garden and an outdoor swimming pool to provide the “wanna be” star with all of the necessities of having a successful, star studded gala with all of the little extra accommodations.


Enjoy the Best Beaches

You can’t visit LA and not enjoy the best beaches and this beach definitely has star qualities.

I doubt that you could find a more awe-inspiring place in the city or state for that matter.  El Matador is located approximately 10 miles just northwest of Malibu.


Shop on Rodeo Drive

How to do Los Angeles in Style?  By shopping on Rodeo Drive, of course.   Rodeo Drive is one of the most talked about shopping communities in the world

There’s plenty of ground to cover in this notorious landmark, so you can shop till you drop. You’ll find a slew of elaborate fashion boutiques, diamond traders, and some of the finest eateries or restaurants around and more on Rodeo Drive.

While it’s true LA has some of the finest shops, you can’t shop for long on an empty stomach and not all rock stars drive-thru McDonald’s.  They know how to do Los Angeles in style and they dine in the finest places.  The Ivy is a popular location for vegans and celebrity sightings.

The nightlife in LA is unbelievable.  From dusk to dawn, somebody’s got a party going on.  Whether it’s time for the night cap or it’s time to get the party started, Los Angeles waiting for you.  There’s live entertainment everywhere you go, but if you’re thinking about going to The Colony or the Infusion Lounge in Hollywood, you may want to put on your hottest nightclub attire.

Mostly, stars, big and little, work hard and play hard.  There are numerous adventures you could find yourself in while visiting CA and I have many ideas as to how to do Los Angeles in style.  However, I’ve listed only five ways in which to live out your dream of living like a rock star.

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