Why Greece is the Most-Booked European Destination in 2021

July 11, 2021
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After more than a year at home, travel lovers are ready to go anywhere that isn’t their living room couch. As of May 14th, Greece is open for tourists. The sunshine that never quits, sparkling blue Mediterranean waters, and delicious food are just some of the reasons Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations of 2021. If you’re tired of staying at home, playing CASINONET, and need to get away to somewhere far, Greece is a great choice.
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Perhaps the biggest reason Greece is such a fantastic travel spot is that vaccinated travelers and those with negative PCR tests do not need to quarantine upon entering the country. This is excellent news for anyone desiring a taste of “normal” travel in a beautiful locale. Thanks to Greece welcoming healthy tourists with open arms, all the amazing things this beautiful country has to offer is ready and waiting.
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Once you decide on Greece as your first travel destination of the year, the next decision to make is where in the country you should visit. With over 3,000 islands, ancient history, and luxury hotels and villas with million-dollar views, Greece has a lot of amazing sites to see.
For history buffs, Athens, the Greek capital, is a no-brainer. From the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora to Parthenon and museums galore, Athens is full of exciting things to experience and do.
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Santorini, known for its Instagram-worthy pristine white buildings with bright blue roofs that brilliantly reflect the most stunning sunsets, is at the top of the list for where to go while in Greece.
Another stunning Greek destination is the island of Corfu. If you are looking for a beach vacation where you can escape others, you will find it on one of the island’s white, sandy shorelines.
No matter where you decide to go in Greece, this lively, culturally vibrant, and picturesque European country is a top destination spot for the 2021 travel season.

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