Top 9 most insane motor races

October 19, 2015
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If you list a few of your unfulfilled childhood dreams, I would bet you’ll find a rally race in the wildest conditions amongst them. It’s not the actual race itself and beating others in a competition, it’s aiming for the extreme and getting your survival instincts to guide you in the harshest conditions.

Check out the Tunturiralli, which takes you to ice and snow covered roads in Lapland, Finland, at -25°C (-15 °F). But for those who think that’s not enough of a challenge: The majority of the race is being held in the dark.

The “King of the Hammers” makes it into our top 9 being a high speed race with rock crawling events with 400 teams that fearlessly run amok through 165 miles of desert.

Not enough? Let’s go to Malaysia then and take your 4×4 jeep through 800km of muddy jungle terrain during the monsoon season.

Check out the top 9 infographic below provided by Vertu Lease Cars to find some inspiration to go out there and fulfill that dream of yours, completing one of the most extreme racing events in the world.

If you’re like most of us you’ll chances are you’ll enjoy sliding in a rally but not so much in your regular life. So consider getting yourself a new set of tyres at tyre-shopper or national if your current set looks like Formula 1 slicks.


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