The 7 Best Men’s Watches in 2021

July 29, 2021
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Watches are an elegant accessory one can have. It adds grace and charm to your overall personality. In addition, it also gives a formal appearance and of course is helpful to look at the time, day and date as well.

It does not merely provide you with a formal appearance, it also gives you quite a bit of a sense of style as well. It can be classic styles like that of James Bond or modern and contemporary like a tech mogul in Silicon Valley.

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Whatever the case may be, watches are still in season.

There are many types of watches. The two primary categories of watches are digital and analog watches. Apart from just wearing watches, you should also take care of watches, keep them away from water and dirt, and find a safe place for your watch as well.

Having said that, here are the seven best men’s watches for the year 2021.


Alpina’s adventure-themed watches have become the star of the show in the year 2021. It has a satin to polish finish and is available in grey and blue dial. In addition to this, the GMT option on the bracelet or strap is also available now. The watch comes with a case and a strap, and both are made from recycled plastic. In addition, the watch is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

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Apple Watches

Apple has introduced quite a force of smartwatches in the world of digital and analog watches. The watch is not an ordinary one as it has an always-on display feature. It also helps you achieve your fitness goals through a well-made slate of workouts such as yoga. These watches are fantastic because they can also provide you with more health-related information and other data points that matter to you.

Bell and Ross

Bell and Ross have come up with new watch styles having integrated bracelets. Moreover, they have also released a new chronograph version. The watch features a black and yellow carbon effect on the strap and steel bracelet.


Boss watches have come up with new watches featuring three designs called Aero, Nomad, and Vela. The watch has a stainless steel dividing chronograph and is 200-meter water-resistant as well.

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Briston comes into the pictures and presents its loyal fanbase with a new range of retro-inspired watches. The watches possess new cushion-shaped cases, which are available in steel, and tortoiseshell looks acetate.

Bamford London Mayfair Date

Bamford London Mayfair date is a casually stylish watch, and it is ideally suited for outdoor activities. Moreover, it also has the benefit of being waterproof to 10 ATMs.

Baume 10600

Baume uses recyclable material where possible to manufacture effortlessly elegant watches. In addition, the watches are fully customizable with 2000 permutations.

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Conclusively, watches look elegant but also require sleek care. Keep your watches away from dust and lubricate them. This will make them last longer. Remember to clean your watches but never use soap.

Further, change straps very carefully and smoothly. As noted earlier, it is essential to store watches safely to keep them away from scratches and wear and tear. In addition, expensive watches can be subjected to theft; hence, holding them in a safe place is essential.

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