MBBFW SS13 Men’s: Sebastian Ellrich; Ubi Sunt & Patrick Mohr.

October 13, 2014
Some further men’s highlights from Mercedes-Benz Berlin SS13 before I forget; most of them being studio presentations, since sadly organisers and designers don’t seem to think menswear worthy of a runway slot. Understandable, in one sense, considering it’s womenswear that rakes in the big bucks in most fashion industry contexts but questionable, seeing as menswear is gaining increasing attention elsewhere with initiatives like London Collections: Men.
Anyway, first up is a snippet from German designer Sebastian Ellrich’s offering. Emerging from a theatre and costume design background, Ellrich combines smart tailoring with a certain opulence. The show itself was pretty much like taking a leisurely walk along an outer-space seaside resort, with muzak, dancers moving around models and a beach-y palette of coral, sand and bright white…if that makes any sense.


^ Sebastian Ellrich SS13
Next up is Swedish label Ubi Sunt, whose collection was a study in darkly romantic, utlitarian wear, think lots of subtly exaggerated silhouettes, a distinct sportswear influence and statement bomber jackets with contrast sleeves. The whole thing was a dead ringer for something Tim Hamilton, which predictably enough won me over in seconds.

Ubi Sunt SS13 Ubi Sunt SS13 Ubi Sunt SS13 Ubi Sunt SS13

^ Ubi Sunt SS13
And some misc. snaps to finish…
Schumacher Breakfast SS13
^ Schumacher eschewed the after-show party expectation, in favour of a late breakfast in a nearby park, to which Lily Cole made a brief apperance; since when is she blonde?
Patrick Mohr SS13
^ Outside Patrick Mohr’s SS13 show, Metamorphose, at popular Berlin cinéaste haunt, the Babylon.
Ubi Sunt images from MBBFW

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