Williamsburg Garment Company: Brooklyn-based denim.

January 24, 2015
Maurice Malone’s Williamsburg Garment Company is pretty much the quintessential American story – one of jeans, entrepreneurship, and making it big in the big city. Having moved from Detroit to NYC several years ago, Malone identified a niche in the casualwear market for a denim-based label that took heed of current trends, prized quality craftsmanship, and understood both retailers and consumers demands for affordable pricepoints. Combining this opportunity with his already existent urbanwear expertise, Malone founded Williamsburg Garment Co., and hasn’t looked back since – not that  he has the time considering his chock-full schedule.
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Based out of his Williamsburg residence (unbearably swish and Hudson-side), Malone designs, markets and manages the sales of the entire brand alone, taking every opportunity to eliminate complications and iron out middle-men nuisances which drive up the cost of production and often frustrate lines of communication. Surprisingly, for a man helming a label that’s stocked by some of fashion’s most hallowed retailers (Opening Ceremony, Lane Crawford, Brooklyn’s Bird), Malone is incredibly modest about the whole thing, barely giving himself credit and diverting all attention to his brand rather than himself.
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He’s ambitious, though, which is less surprising considering the rampant success achieved by the brand in such a short space of time. And he’s passionate, repeating several times during my visit, his primary motivation: to cut costs for retailers, allowing for decent mark-ups, thus cutting costs for consumers, allowing for savings on great product, whilst never losing sight of the ebb and flow of fashion.
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And so you have camo-printed slim-fit trousers in both a light- and heavyweight style, denim shirts with intricate detailing and a range of jeans that runs the gamut from skinny to straight, light-washed to raw. Priced at $102 to $139, it’s hardly difficult to see why it’s America’s selvedge sweetheart.


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