Top 5 most popular Rolex watches

February 21, 2019
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The wristwatch has a powerful role in depicting the personality of a man because it not only helps in keeping a track of time, but it also shows a personal sense of style. A wise choice of wristwatch may change the overall perception of a common man and it can easily lead to a greater change in personality.

When we talk about wristwatches, the first and the foremost brand that comes up to our mind is Rolex. It is the leading brand in the market of elite watches. Its timeless style never seems to age and is globally recognized as the best in quality, design and unique look.

Let’s look at the five top most popular Rolex watches that are highly admired by many but affordable by few only:


This was the first waterproof watch produced in 1954. It was able to stay waterproof up to 330 feet depth. Although new editions have been introduced its aesthetic remains similar to the iconic design of the 1950s. It is famous for its multi-directional bezel allows divers to monitor their depth and time.


It was the first of its kind that was able to the change the date automatically as well as having self-winding capabilities. It was introduced in 1945 and was considered as one of the most famous watches around the globe. It can be purchased with two different bracelets, the oyster and the jubilee both available for men and women.

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For those who like to wear a little sportier wristwatch, then this is the perfect look to go for. Daytona watch was designed in 1963 having special features for racing drivers which included measuring speeds up to 400km per hour. Its elegant sporty design has three small sub-dials to measure seconds, minutes and hours.


The GMT-Master was specifically designed for navigators and pilots. This watch was designed in 1954 in collaboration with Pam Am Airways. Its unique feature involves showing two different time zones at a time. It was further updated in 1985 as GMT-Master II watch featuring improved movement.


This watch was designed and introduced in 1992. It was designed for sailors to help them read in difficult weather conditions as it was prepared as a waterproof watch. It is considered to be highly practical as compared to Submariner due to its impressive durability and strength. The second edition was introduced in 2010 which offered extraordinary sailing functionality with a feature of the countdown that was controlled by an adjustable bezel.

So if you’re looking for a unique addition to your personality, then grab one of these brilliant yet amazing creations of Rolex and become the most desirable in your surroundings. Because Rolex is what everyone desires for.

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