4 Neat Places You Must See in Milwaukee

May 19, 2021
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Also known as Cream City, Milwaukee is a hidden gem that not enough people get to appreciate.  This city knows how to entertain and wow you off the shore of Lake Washington, filling every street with something unexpected and beautiful.  If you’re lucky enough to get to visit, or even more random and are looking for Milwaukee houses for sale, here are the top sights you should see!

Harley-Davidson Museum

The roar of the motors, the exciting thrill of riding down the open road with the air whipping over you: there’s nothing that can get a heart-racing quite like a motorcycle.  Harley-Davidson is a staple, spanning over a hundred years in America’s hearts, and it has always called Milwaukee home.  The museum itself looks like a piece of art, with a giant sculpture of a daredevil riding up a ramp with one of his hands up in excitement.  You’ll feel excited, too, as you peruse their collection of bikes that you can sit on and start.

Being a biker is more of a lifestyle than just owning a mode of transportation, and by the time you leave, you’ll want in on this fun and exciting culture.

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Milwaukee Art Museum

Striking and modern, the outside of the Milwaukee Art Museum will catch and hold onto your attention.  Home to over twenty-five thousand pieces of art is one of the world’s largest museums.  You could walk through every room every day for a year and still notice something new and beautiful.  If your budget is tight, they keep you in mind and offer free passes to everyone who wants to walk through on the first Thursday of every week.  One walkthrough and you’ll be saving the date so you can come back every first Thursday.


Mitchell Park Horticultural

Sitting like two beautiful beacons of glass and metal, Mitchell Park Horticultural is as much an expansive garden as it is a fantastic museum on the history of horticulture and the future we get to look forward to.  Full of plants both local, and nonnative, you get to walk amongst natural beauty you may have never seen before.


The museum keeps its pollinators, so you can enjoy the view of butterflies as they flit between flowering plants.  Every plant is unique in its origin, and how it grows best, and although many of us might not be able to keep greenery alive in our homes, it’s always nice to have an excuse to adore it elsewhere!

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Milwaukee County Zoo

This zoo is officially celebrating its sixtieth anniversary this year!  Home to over three thousand animals, the Milwaukee zoo has been taking animal conservation and entertainment seriously since the day it was founded.  Working to ensure you can enjoy yourself and save money, the zoo allows visitors to bring in outside food and drink so you can picnic while you want the views.  Creatures ranging from regal giraffes to prowling lions and tigers will astound you while educating you on which are endangered and what we can do to make the world a better place for all animals.

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