The road trip planner: a checklist for your upcoming car journey

March 24, 2020
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As part of our curious nature, many of us are fascinated by the idea of traveling to different countries. We incorporate travel as a part of our modern lifestyle not only to engage in eye-opening experiences but also to unwind from the stress of full-time jobs. Unfortunately, between tight budgets and limited holidays, a jet setting schedule might not be possible for all of us.

Nevertheless, you can still continue to explore different places in a more manageable fashion – by doing road trips. The numbers of people who choose to go on road trips are on the rise. Not only is it a cheaper alternative to traveling by plane, it also offers greater flexibility in your itinerary, being able to get up and close with hidden gems along your chosen route.

In order to ensure that the road trip goes smoothly, you need to be fully equipped for the long journey. Here is a quick checklist for you to go through:

Plan your route

Before you head on your road trip, make sure to map out the route between your starting point and your final destination. This is not only to avoid any unwanted detours caused by the lack of preparation but also to ensure that you are able to identify where you can make pit stops.

You may want to mark out any locations where you can use the toilet, hotel or camping sites, and plan to visit any hidden gems along the route. The benefits of going on a road trip are that you are able to find quiet, attended locations for you to indulge in without the distraction of other potential tourists.

Check the weather forecast

The weather plays a big part in whether the road trip goes smoothly, so it is recommended to check the weather forecast before setting off. This is to ensure you are aware of the dangerous weather conditions that may affect your safety during the journey.

This is especially important for the winter season when the roads are wet, icy and at times snowy. According to Kwik Fit’s video on #StoppingDistance, it takes twice as long to stop in wet weather and up to ten times as long to stop in snowy and icy conditions. To ensure your safety in these weather conditions, you may even want to get new tyres and fitting.

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Packing all the items you need for your journey

Depending on how long your journey might be you may need more items for it. You should consider all the items you may need and pack accordingly.

There are a few things you may need to consider, like how much clothing you will need over the full course of the road trip. You may need to pack extra clothing for warmth especially for the evenings. You should also think about the amount of food you need for the trip, start by mapping out the number of meals you anticipate having and what tools you may need.

However, it is also important that you do not end up over packing for the journey; you want to avoid having items take up large amounts of space causing your car journey to be uncomfortable and consequently wasting petrol transporting them.

The perfect musical playlist for your road trip

Whether you are going alone or going with your friends, you should set up a playlist for the journey. There are plenty of streaming applications that allow you to do this on your electronic devices. It is recommended to save these songs before setting off, in case there is a lack of data connection throughout the journey. Make sure you choose energetic sing-along songs in order to set the tone and maintain the high energy levels between stops on your road trip.

Once you have these few things checked off, you are all set for a road trip! All that is left for you to do is to drive safely and enjoy your journey.

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