Off-Roading: The Top Destinations for the Ultimate 4×4 Experience

July 14, 2016
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You definitely haven’t experienced the full range of driving emotions on offer unless you have been on an off-roading adventure.

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee should help to enhance the enjoyment you get from leaving the highway and hitting a dirt track that leads to some driving challenges that will get the heart rate rising.

If you are looking for the ultimate 4×4 experience, here are some top destinations to head to in order to achieve those goals.

Moab is an Iconic off-road destination


Head to eastern Utah and you will come across Moab, which many off-roaders in the know consider to be one of the premier must-see and must-do locations that needs to be on your list.

When you come to Moab, you will probably be struck by just how many different trails there are to explore, which means that it is a place that something for everyone, from nice n easy beginner routes to sharpen your skills, through to some challenging paths that only experienced drivers should consider attempting.

Throw in some spectacular scenery featuring expansive sandstone landscapes and some impressive rock towers, and you can soon see why Moab ticks all the boxes.

Rock crawling in Bangs Canyon

Another definite location for your list is Grand Junction in Colorado.

Colorado has a lot to offer anyway in terms of outdoor adventure, but off-roaders are definitely well catered for, especially when you take up the chance to go rock crawling in Bangs Canyon, which is close to Grand Junction.

If you are looking to test your hill-climbing skills behind the wheel and want to see how good you are at tackling soft terrain, then Grand Junction will provide you with all of those challenges and more besides.

Bangs Canyon offers a variety of technical challenges that will allow you to truly earn your off-roaders stripes.

The Rubicon Trail sets the bar pretty high


Once you have a good level of technical ability and are ready for the next level of off-roading, head to California and search out the Rubicon Trail.

This 22-mile stretch is widely considered to be just about the most challenging rock crawling that you are likely to encounter anywhere, so it is not the place for novices.

There is no doubt that the Rubicon Trail will test even the most competent of off-road drivers and some of the qualities that you will need to possess, besides being able to handle your vehicle competently, include a great deal of patience and persistence, combined with some good strategic skills to plot your way around or out of potential trouble.

If there was a bucket list being created specifically for 4×4 drivers, the Rubicon Trail would definitely feature on it, and would probably make it to the top of most driver’s lists.

If you are looking for the ultimate off-roading experience, these three destinations should certainly be in your plans, but perhaps make sure you do them in the right order!

Phoebe Whittaker is an adventure seeking woman with a passion for living life to the absolute fullest. She works in the travel industry and has lived in numerous countries over the years. Look out for her articles on travel and adventure sites around the web.

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