Country boy meets city slicker in the new Volkswagen Amarok

May 4, 2017
vw 1665127 1280

For many of us, a car is more than a necessity that takes us from A to B. It’s an extension of our personal style, a status symbol that says something about us and the people we are, no matter where in the world we may be.

The new VW Amarok transcends barriers and delivers something that not many cars can. It’s a suave looking, road-ready machine that wouldn’t look out of place navigating the city streets late on a Saturday evening. Take it off-road however, and that’s where it really comes into its own.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Trailblazers Challenge sets out to prove just that, pitting two teams of driving enthusiasts against each other in a battle to determine the true off-road king or queen. The Amarok effortlessly takes on challenges created to test the vehicle’s precision, power, speed and technical ability – check out the video below to see how the teams got on.

While the Amarok masterfully displays a capacity to tackle unpredictable off-road terrains with ease, it somehow manages to look sleek and dynamic while doing so. 19” alloys and double chrome trim come as standard, transforming the vehicle from a rough and ready off-roader to something perfectly designed for the city streets.

The interiors are equally as luxurious, with a cockpit that has been completely transformed from that of older models. Now, both driver and passenger are free to enjoy a range of small touches that make all the difference, from additional legroom and space in the rear through to award-winning ergoComfort seats, ensuring that everyone from your mates to your mum enjoys a smooth and comfortable ride.

The new Amarok shows a marked improvement in terms of substance as well as style, with a 3-litre V6 engine that is powerful enough to navigate hills, grass and mud with the same level of ease and precision as tarmac.

Thought it wasn’t possible to combine off-road ability with sporty, sleek design? Think again.

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