Things you need to know about engagement rings with wedding bands

April 3, 2020
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Engagements are special and they ought to be made grand. Many people will plan ahead to ensure that all goes well. Many people do not know of the traditional practices on wedding rings. Some people have no idea of the right ways to handle wedding and engagement rings. In many traditions, one must keep both their wedding and engagement rings after they get married.

It is every girl’s dream to get engaged and later married. The pressure to have a fairy tale kind of engagement is overwhelming sometimes. Many women have turned down engagement merely because they were unimpressed with the rings. It is essential that you have a well-thought plan on how to execute your engagement especially when buying the ring. Consider the following things when buying an engagement ring with a wedding band.

  1. Engagement rings

There is always an unsaid rule that you should get a magnificent engagement ring. Many people will forego two or three months of their salary so they can afford the perfect ring. During the engagement, you should not hold back to be able to convince her to marry you. You can go for a great ring that features gold with diamonds. The diamonds will make the ring cost more than you expect. However, you can still get less expensive rings that have diamonds in a few carats. With good savings, you will be able to get a celebrity style kind of ring to make your engagement outstanding.

  1. Wedding bands

Once you want to get an engagement ring, consider whether it can accommodate a wedding band. Many people do not know how to match their wedding ring to their engagement rings. It is essential to find the shape of the engagement ring since the wedding rings are merely simple bands. Moreover, some shapes may differ creating a fuzzy feel. The rings can be easily matched to the bands you sell. However, you need to have a clear understanding of how the two rings will function together. When buying your engagement ring, make sure that it will match up to the band for instance a vintage engagement ring deserves a vintage wedding band.

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  1. Two for one

It is possible to obtain an engagement ring that bears with it a wedding band. That reduces the hustle of finding the right match for the ring. There are nice rings that come as a pair for one single price. They can be pretty expensive. You do not have to struggle with matching as the store pairs them for you. A combination ring features two metals and diamond. They are artistically crafted to give you the maximum experience.

  1. Single ring

Nowadays it is common for a couple to opt for a single ring to act as both the engagement and the wedding ring. It will save you a lot of money that you will need once you start your family. One ring is comfortable and better than stacked bands especially for people who do not like having too many accessories. A single ring crafted to perfection will stand out among the rest, unlike stacked rings that do not match. It is your call to decide whether to get two rings or one for the two events.

When you buy a halo engagement ring, make sure that you also get a simple wedding band to go along with it. Most unconventional rings like the Savannah ring are elaborate to match to your band. Make sure that the other ring is the same metal or at least a metal that coordinates with the engagement ring. You can match Silverstone rings with gold. You can also opt for stackable rings which come in two pieces or even three. Stackable rings are simple yet elegant. They are also more affordable and pocket-friendly if you are looking to save money.

The knowledge above is enough to guarantee you the right decision while buying an engagement ring. Head online at Georg Jensen and find yourself the perfect engagement ring with wedding band. You will be amazed by the brilliant choices and the impeccable craftsmanship. Good luck on your engagement.

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