5 Best Tips for Identifying the Perfect Electric Shaver For Men

March 10, 2024
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Electric shavers are among the most important and popular devices every man needs to have in his life. In fact, according to Statista, 85.62 million people in the United States of America used electric shavers in 2020. And the number is expected to rise to 91.37 million by 2024.

However, to get the most out of your electric shaver, you need to buy the best type. But there are many of them on the market which makes it an uphill task to choose the ideal option.

Here’s what you need to follow to be in a position of choosing the best electric shaver:


    1. 1. Check The Brand

There are several electric shaver brands on the market but the best options are the popular ones. Popular brands can easily be identified because they are recognizable to many customers and have many positive reviews.

You can also inquire from your friends and relatives about the electric shaver brands they use. Buying a popular brand is important because it assures you of the best quality and this explains why many other customers love it.

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    1. 2. Consider Your Budget

Your budget is important because electric shavers are available at different prices. Some are more expensive than others and you need to go with one that fits your budget. You don’t have to worry even if you have a tight budget because there’s something for you.

You just have to check out the different retailers in both online and offline stores and monitor their prices. But most of them are reliable and affordable for everyone no matter your budget. As long as it’s within the average market price.

    1. 3. Examine if it Supports Wet or Dry Technology

There are some men’s electric shavers with wet technology, and others with dry. And some use both so you need to consider which to take home. Dry electric shavers are said to be clean and super fast. This is why many men love them as they are speedy and convenient.

On the other hand, there are also other electric shavers with wet technology and you can use them with shaving foam or gel. You can easily find all this information on the specifications of the product and it will help you to easily find the type you want.

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    1. 4. Check The Charging System

There are three types of charging systems for electric shavers. Some are mains powered and you have to use them when you are directly connected to a power source. Others are rechargeable and you can operate them without a direct power connection as long as they are fully charged.

On top of those, other electric shavers operate with batteries. You just have to replace them with new ones when they run out of power. So it is up to you to choose your favorite type depending on your style.

But the best options for traveling are the rechargeable and battery-operated electric shavers. And you can add one to your list of cool gadgets for the modern man you need to travel with.

    1. 5. How Can It Be Cleaned

You also have to consider how the electric shaver is cleaned as you have to keep it clean every after use to keep it in perfect condition. It is better to examine how long it takes to see if the shaver is worth buying.

This information is available from the supplier on the user’s manual of each product. Best of all, most of the advanced electric shaver models have inbuilt cleaning stations. You just have to put the shaver in its base unit after use and it does its magic.

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