The most recognized watch in the world

February 21, 2019
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Rolex Submariner

Watches are important for more than simple time keeping. They are also important for highlighting a person’s individuality and sense of style. Watches are a vital accessory that can complete your outfit, adding a touch of class and elegance to it. Rolex has for generations been a major producer of luxury timepieces. The Rolex brand of watches are marked with precision, beauty, quality and outstanding precision. Copycat Store Rolex Submariner is an example of the remarkable timepieces produced by the notorious Swiss brand. The watch has achieved remarkable market success and. Is the most recognized watch in the world.

The Case

The Rolex Submariner comes with a stainless-steel case that measures 40mm in diameter. The thickness of the case and the size of the lugs vary depending on the version of the watch. Some versions have thinner tampered lugs while others have thicker and imposing lugs. The Submariner is also relatively slim. With a thickness of about 12.6mm, the watch easily slides underneath your cuffs making it ideal for a suit. The case back has been designed to give the wearer complete comfort.


The bezel of the Rolex Submariner is another of its features that makes it stand out. It has a low-profile bezel that is designed for modesty while looking chic at the same time. It has a rotating ceramic bezel with crown guards. The crown guards of the watch have a dazzling polished finish that helps it stand out from the rest of the outfit. The ceramic bezel is also popular for its durability and will look good for several years as it is fade and scratch-resistant. It will therefore look newer for longer. The ridge edges of the bezel is a functional feature that adds extra grip, making it easy to rotate the bezel, especially for divers with gloves.

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The clasp of the Rolex Submariner is built with the needs of a diver in mind. The glide lock clasp makes it perfect to be worn on various occasions and with various outfits, even a suit. The glide lock comes in handy should a diver want to wear the watch on top of a thick dive suite. It enables the wearer to adjust the size of the bracelet in 2-millimeter increments. With the feature, the wearer can set the bracelet to a size that is not only comfortable but also sturdy.


Another remarkable feature of the Submariner is the bracelet. The standard Oyster bracelet with a stunning brushed links gives it the unique utility look while maintaining its elegance on the wrist. It is designed for subtlety and can withstand considerable mechanic action without sustaining scratches.


Rolex Submariner’s dial is designed to make it easy to read while bringing out its true beauty. The watch features exceptional maxi markers. The dial is neatly arranged with all the hour markers and the text carefully distributed around the dial. Both the hands and the hour markers feature a luminous film that makes it readable under various light intensities.

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