Looking great isn’t just about clothes!

January 30, 2019
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Looking great isn’t just about the clothes you wear, the way your hair is cut or whether you work out at the gym. There are other ways to get the best looking you and at the same time reveal more of your personality. Think accessories:  scarves, man-bags, shoes and boots and of course, jewellery. Not so long ago, accessories were really only considered as part of women’s wardrobes, but times have changed and things are a lot more interesting these days when it comes to putting your look together. Not all guys think scarves are ‘masculine’ enough to be taken seriously; but a good quality woollen scarf can really add great style when worn with a coat for those cold winter months. It doesn’t have to be a long coat over a business suit either – just add to your jeans, jumper and sports jacket; it will look great, casual or formal and who wouldn’t want to be a little warmer when you are out and about in on cold days doing your thing?

Jewellery is also right up there on the list of must-haves for today’s man. A few pieces of well designed jewellery will say a lot about type of man you are. Jewellery gets noticed; especially men’s bracelets and Men’s Rings. If you don’t see yourself wearing a lot of jewellery, choose a piece you really love. The range of Men’s Wedding Bands is so vast these days and includes all the traditional styles as well as very edgy contemporary pieces. You can have dual toned rings with gold or silver inlay, black rings with cobalt blue lining, beaten or hammered finish and of course, with quality crystals embedded as well. And when you decide on a ring or two, why not add to the pleasure of your purchase and spend a little time choosing ring boxes to keep your treasured rings in (we know you’ll want more than just one) on those occasions when you can’t wear a ring.

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Man-bags can also make a real statement. These are often undervalued when we think about what counts in our wardrobe; they are so practical and add an extra level of style. No matter what sort of guy you are, there are man-bags to suit everyone; from the softest leather to rugged canvas and in all sizes. These carry-all’s will help keep you organised and save you having unsightly bulges in your jeans and jackets while trying to keep everything you need in your pockets. And let’s not forget about shoes and boots. Your number one priority here should be that whatever style you’re into, your footwear is comfortable. Don’t compromise on this or may as well just throw the money away. You don’t need to have loads of pairs of shoes; if you choose timeless styles rather than the trending items you will get to enjoy them for a lot longer. You probably need to have a weekend pair of loafers, some trainers, some classic lace-ups for work or more formal wear and a great looking pair of boots to go with your jeans. So check out some of these accessories and see what a difference a few discerning choices will make to your wardrobe without breaking your bank account. Happy browsing!

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