This Greedy Pig: A Lesson in Retorial.

October 18, 2014
To say I’ve been putting a write-up of Dublin-based collective This Greedy Pig on the long finger would be a gross understatement. I reckon it’s been the best part of a year since I initially intended to share this fledgling retail and editorial (‘retorial’, if you will) initiative with you but better late than never…
Details of this lazy pig’s tardiness aside, here’s a brief introduction to the brand. Founded last year, This Greedy Pig marks one of these few-and-far-between success stories that everyone likes to associate with economic recession. Adopting what’s arguably proved the most efficient retail model in recent years, This Greedy Pig savvily merge editorial (a well-curated blog featuring everything from hilarious email conversations between spammers and spam recipients to your more expected fare of art, fashion and music) and retail.

This Greedy Pig Clockwork Orange Sweat This Greedy Pig Logo Tee This Greedy Pig Lifetime Collective Jacket
^ Clockwork Orange crewneck sweat; This Greedy Pig logo tee; Lifetime Collective Sea Wall & Beyond jacket

This isn’t so much an online fashion set-up as a lifestyle e-tail brand; products featured range from simply cut crew-neck graphic tees, fisherman jackets to prints from notorious Dublin graffiti artist, Maser. The edit isn’t exactly what you’d term ambitious either, with the website looking sparse in certain sections but remember this is a small start-up run out of a flat on South Richmond St, not Mr Porter.

Long live the Pig.

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