No More Weekend Warriors: Quick Workouts Busy Men Can Do Every Day

January 20, 2017
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If you have the motivation and desire to keep yourself in good shape but lack the time to visit your local gym or spend hours pounding the sidewalks, there is still a quick and easy way to stay healthy and fit.

Take a look at why early risers have the fitness edge and find out how to find the time to exercise as well as learning how to set up the perfect quick workout.

It starts with a goal

A series of quick workouts that you fit in around your busy schedule will help to keep your body toned. Although you will need to be motivated and set some clear goals for this to happen.

If you fail to set yourself some clear fitness goals it is more likely that you will soon fall behind and slip back into some old habits. You have to believe that you can find the time to work out if you are motivated enough to do it and see it through every week.

Getting up early is a good discipline. If you can train your body and mind to rise early this is a great time to hit the gym and get a workout in before you start the day.

Check out a home gym guide and set yourself up with the equipment needed to get your exercise routine done before breakfast.

It seems that many men who follow this early-riser routine say that they feel energized and alert for the day ahead after an early morning workout.

Set yourself a goal to get up at the crack of dawn. This will give you ample time and opportunity to work your body and sharpen your mind before getting on with the working day.

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Keep pushing yourself

The key to getting the maximum return from your workout every time is to mix up the routine regularly.

If you aim to keep changing the exercises and mix it up with the sets and reps this should help to keep you constantly motivated and never reach a point where you level out.

Your workout can include any exercises you have a preference for, provided it covers all the usual bases, which is push, pull and legs. Push-ups and presses count, as do rowing exercises and chin ups for the pulling. Squats and dead-lifts will target your legs as well working on your abs indirectly.

A faster way to get fit

If you plan and execute your workout the right way, you should find that your routine doesn’t have to take too much time out of your day, but it will have a positive effect on your fitness levels.

If you are looking for noticeable results and are prepared to commit to a routine that adds up to barely a few minutes each day, you can achieve your goals if you follow a recommended weekly routine.

Your aim should be to complete at least thirty minutes of body weight resistance exercises each week. Also, include at least two 15 minute interval exercise sessions as well as about thirty minutes of fast-paced walking.

You could cover all these weekly exercise needs without disrupting your hectic schedule and there is every chance you could probably get all this done before breakfast.

Giving you a fitter body and leaving your weekends free to enjoy some leisure time after a busy working week.

Harvey Browne works as a fitness instructor and works primarily with those over the age of 50. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and tips online which he does through his articles.

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