How Owning A Dog Can Improve Your Social Life

January 25, 2017
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It’s no accident that a dog is often described as man’s best friend. As pets, dogs are great companions, and if they’re treated well they love their owners unconditionally. Affectionate and loyal, your dog will want to participate in everything you do, especially if you like being outdoors and enjoy brisk walking, cycling, jogging or running.

Being a good dog parent

Many men who own dogs value their relationship with their pets for its simplicity and mutual understanding. Make no mistake, your dog knows when you’re happy, angry, troubled or upset and will respond accordingly. This can be very comforting if times are tough and is one reason why so many men develop a strong mutual bond with their pet.

Caring for your dog is not difficult as their basic needs are pretty much like those of humans. Creature comforts include the option to eat the right kind of food to keep them healthy, a warm and comfortable place to sleep and regular exercise. They also have emotional and psychological needs just like you do. This means they need time to play, attention from their master and safe handling. Unrelenting teasing, neglect or cruelty will take its toll and turn your dog into a sad and possibly dangerous animal.

The choice of places for your dog to sleep varies from one dog owner to the next. Indoors, the kitchen is often chosen so that muddy dog prints after a wet walk can be easily cleaned up. When it comes to play it’s always a good idea to have a couple of toys for indoor use to amuse your dog, and as for feeding make sure you choose top quality puppy food or healthy adult dog food to suit the age of your pet.

Your dog and your social life

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The idea that a dog can improve your social life is not as far fetched as you might at first think. Here are a few ways in which your canine chum can help to brighten up your relationships with other people and make a few new pals along the way.

  1. Pets can help you to meet new people. Just taking your dog for a walk in the park can often result in striking up a conversation with another dog owner or responding to someone who stops to admire your pet. In this way your dog’s presence is a great icebreaker and making a regular habit of walking it locally can lead to making new friendships in your neighborhood.
  1. When you go on vacation to meet new people, take your dog with you. There are lots of places that are pet friendly, including beaches and campsites, so book a short vacation with your pet and you may find you have the opportunity to share your break with other like minded dog owners who would enjoy some human as well as canine company.
  1. It’s known that keeping a pet can help you control your stress levels, reduce loneliness and improve your social skills. This makes it much easier to be more outgoing, plus talking about your dog or sharing photographs is a great way to feel at ease about making contact with new people.
  1. When it comes to dating, according to a recent survey of online dating habits, it seems that while a lot of men have a mental checklist of the qualities they would like to see in a wife, a lot of women who do the same additionally pay attention to how men treat their dogs, using this as an indicator of their character. Cats tend to lose out on this one, as dogs need more care and attention.
  1. When you’re in a relationship and you own a dog, another research study has shown that you are more likely to be happy and settled than other couples that don’t have pets: your and your partner’s blood pressure levels are likely to be lower and your level of social interaction with each other is likely to be higher.

Overall, keeping a dog has many benefits that go beyond simply having a pet to play with, although that’s also a bonus. Treasure your canine friend and you’ll be rewarded with a faithful hound that is always pleased to see you. In addition, you get the opportunity to stay in shape as a result of your and your dog’s daily exercise routine and an improved sense of wellbeing, whether you live alone or are part of a couple or a family.

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