HIIT – Workout at Home

October 1, 2015
High intensity interval training (HIIT) provides the maximum workout in the most efficient time. This results-oriented program alternates low to moderate intensity intervals with high intensity intervals to burn the maximum amount of fat.
The high intensity of HIIT works your body with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. It revs up your metabolism and allows you to continue to burn calories and fat throughout the day, without sacrificing muscle. Anaerobic endurance is just as beneficial for you heart health as aerobic endurance, so HIIT can actually improve you heart function better than cardio exercises.

If you want to start your first lesson right now, you’ll find tons of usefull videos with detailed instructions on Youtube. Here an example of a pretty nicely setup Youtube channel provided by FitnessBlender.


HIIT has no magic formula and you can tailor your exercise program to fit your individual needs. Familiar exercises such as squats and running are often included in workout programs. HIIT is perfect if you are short on time and have a packed schedule. Because of the high intensity, maximum results can be achieved in only 15 minutes throughout the day. Depending on your schedule, HIIT workout sessions usually last from four to thirty minutes.

To monitor your progress, it is helpful keep track of your personal times, number of rounds and intensity.

If you are short on cash, HIIT is financially friendly. While some people may prefer to go to a gym or hire a personal trainer, HIIT can be done from your home or even at your local park. There are no expensive gym fees and no special equipment required. Using weights may actually decrease from the high intensity of the workout.

Though many people find that a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat and protein help them to achieve the best results, there is no specific diet plan to follow.

The plan is simple. No pills, potions or gimmicks. HIIT is a workout that speaks for itself.

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