Plan A Dream Wedding In Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 21, 2016
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Are you planning a wedding in Amsterdam, Netherlands? Here are some notions which will help you to make it magical.

Are you engaged? Are you planning to get married? Are you an expatriate? Dutch wedding will be one of the interesting choices to make your wedding memorable.

If you’ve decided to rejoin hands forever with someone special, then here are few things which can make it easier for you if you look into it!

Book your wedding place

  • As you have decided to have a Dutch wedding in Amsterdam, it is vital to pick your wedding date as soon as possible.
  • Once you decide your wedding date, you would have enough time to find beautiful venues for your wedding. Picking a date after a year would be more convenient to get ready with all the essential preparation for the wedding.
  • If you are not having any particular date in your head, then you can go for the low season which is October to February when you will find low-cost That will help you to save your money.

Collect essential papers and avoid legal issues

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  • There will be several documents required. If you are not a Dutch, then you will require valid Dutch residency card which you can get from the foreign police by requesting declaration M46.
  • You will require many more legal documents like valid passport, birth certificate, residential visa, witness forms, proof of identity and proof of ‘you are single’ and marriage certificate with divorce decree if you have the previous
  • Get ready yourself with all the crucial documents you are asked for before booking your wedding spot.

Get yourself clear

  • If you are not a Dutch, then you do not need to worry about marrying with “Dutch tradition.”
  • You can get married celebrating your own tradition. Personalizing your wedding with a touch of your own theme and tradition will make your wedding more mesmerizing.
  • Do not miss to ask for your choices to your wedding planner if you will hire one.

Beverages and Food

  • You can go for fine dining according to your choice of taste. But before finalizing, it is helpful to ask for tasting so that you will end up with delicious food for your guests.

Wedding dress and Embellishment of wedding place

  • Netherland is the country of flowers including tulips according to the season. Many florists in Amsterdam can help you to have amazing floral experience at your wedding hall.
  • According to the date of the wedding, a bride should get ready with her wedding dress to make her dream wedding real.

Band and Photographer


  • One would never want to miss to treasure his most important day in pieces of picture copies.
  • You should find experienced photographer out of numerous photographers in Amsterdam.
  • Never forget to ask them for details like when will you get your pictures and in which forms you will have
  • You can go for music band to enlighten the atmosphere of wedding hall according to your taste of music.

Bachelor party

  • The best place for bachelor party accommodation in Amsterdam would be an accommodation party boat!
  • You can rent a boat according to your guest list.
  • You will be having a Dutch bar and meal experiencing one of the most attractive heritage of Amsterdam, which are waterways through the city.
  • You can experience sites and scenery of Amsterdam while partying with your friends.


I hope that above mentioned ideas for planning Dutch wedding in Amsterdam will help you to have your dream wedding. Do you have some suggestions? Mention them below in comment box and let us know your reviews. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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