Home Entertainment Says Hello to Wireless Technology

June 29, 2016
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Wireless this, wireless that. Everything seems to be sans wire these days. Even traditional home entertainment systems are jumping on the wireless band wagon! Gone are the days of connecting this wire to that port and ending up with medusa to watch your favourite films, listen to the greatest tunes or play the coolest new game. Now it is all about quick and seamless wireless televisions and surround sound systems that everyone can enjoy in the bedroom, bath and beyond!

Limitless Listening Options Limitless

Thanks to the integration of wireless routers into traditional home entertainment systems, one can now watch films, listen to music and play games through even more devices than ever before. Televisions can connect wirelessly to the web as can game consoles allowing you to play with people from Japan to Johannesburg. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your eyes and earbuds, enter high resolution, digital surround sound and HD video content with today’s next generation wireless setups. Now we are talking.

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It All Starts with One Fabulous Component

At the heart of all this wireless home entertainment malarkey is the modern wizard that is the surround sound speaker. Take this lovely scenario: you are curled up on the sofa with laptop, tablet or smartphone in hand (or all three if you like your gadgets and gizmos). You are dying to hear Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling (First World Problems). With the touch of a button, you can play said song without moving a muscle all thanks to your snazzy new wireless media setup! Panasonic Wireless Speakers are the ultimate component to bring you beautiful surround sound that you would think was connected! High resolution, powerful multi-room speakers in a range of portable, sleek and stylish designs. Listen to the music you love in the bath, bedroom, sofa (see above), or wherever takes your fancy!



So, it is clear that wireless home entertainment is here to stay, and about time as well! We have wireless internet, why not wireless music?! More and more companies are creating software, devices and systems that will transform the way we enjoy our entertainment. So get rid of yesterday’s wires and start enjoying tomorrow’s wireless world!

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