Bushcraft – The 5 “C’s” for Survival in the Wild

March 22, 2016
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Modern technology means that you are always a quick cell-phone call from civilization, but what would you do if you became lost in the wilderness? This would never happen to you, right? Well, the odds are high that those people who have been in a survival situation probably thought the same.

It is better to be prepared, so read on for a quick guide to some essential ‘bushcraft’ items that could come in extremely handy should the need arise.

1. Cutting

One of the most basic tools that you should carry is a good, strong knife. Used properly, it can carry out a multitude of tasks, from splitting wood by hitting the spine with a rock, to fastening it to a branch as a spear to catch food. Knives come in a multitude of shapes and sizes so there is always one to suit you and your budget, though it always pays to buy the best you can afford. For a quality product, try KRUDO Knives Online. Another useful cutting tool is a hatchet. A good quality hatchet will enable you to chop wood for fuel and shelter.

2. Cover

Having something to keep you dry at night is essential, as being cold and wet can bring on hypothermia. You could improvise by using a poncho to create a canopy to shelter under, or if you have one, a tarpaulin. A ‘tarp’ can be suspended between two trees to create a makeshift tent, while a raised platform of branches can be placed underneath to sleep on. If you don’t have these items, it’s possible to weave branches together to form a canopy to keep out most of the weather.

3. Combustion

Being able to light a fire not only provides heat for warmth and cooking, but also increases morale. The sight of a fire is a welcome sight when you are cold and hungry. A fire can also be used as a beacon to alert others of your whereabouts, as well as deter wildlife from venturing too close.

The best and quickest way to get a fire going is to use a fire-steel. This little item was developed by the Swedish Department of Defense and creates a 3000-degree spark, which will be enough to get any combustible material going.

4. Container

A stainless steel container can mean the difference between life and death. You will need water to survive and a stainless steel container can be used to boil the water before drinking. It might not taste like mineral water, but at least it will keep you hydrated.

5. Cordage

Para-cord is extremely useful for survival in the wild. Not only can you use it to suspend your ‘tarp’ for shelter, you can also make snares to trap food. You can even make yourself a hammock to sleep in.

These are the five main “C’s” for survival in the wild. It is always advisable to leave information with someone on where you intend to go traveling. That way if they have to raise the alarm, at least the rescue services will have a good start on where to look.

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