4 Tips For Men To Get That Perfect Shave

March 17, 2016
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Shaving has become an art, an obsession even a hobby for some men. Whether they want the perfectly trimmed beard or a fresh, cleanly shaven face, it’s become a big focus for men and is a significant part of their grooming routines.

There are entire websites, blogs, and retail stores all dedicated to men and grooming, with a particular focus on shaving.

While there are countless tips, we put together four of the most essential that can help you up your shaving techniques and get a perfect result, every time.

  1. Do It In the Shower

This really comes down to personal preference, but if you want that ideal, smooth shave, you might want to consider switching up your routine a bit. Rather than doing it in front of the mirror above your sink, think about doing it while you’re in the shower. The steam from the shower is great for prepping your skin for a good shave, and it can make the whole process easier. There are plenty of removable shower mirrors you can buy and attach directly to your shower wall. If you’re not going to shave in the shower, try to do it right after you get out when the impact of the steam is still working.

  1. Let Your Shaving Product Sit

Whether you use gel or cream, let your pre-shave product sit for at least three minutes before you begin shaving. This will soften facial hair and will not only simplify shaving, but it will also give you a closer result.

  1. Find the Perfect Razor

If you can find the right razor for you, you’re doing yourself a big favor. The two primary options are manual and electric, and the one you select is really based on your personal needs and preferences. An electric razor tends to save you time, plus you can do it without a cream or gel, but you might not have the smoothness you’re looking for. A manual razor, on the other hand, is great for a close shave but does require a bit of practice to avoid small nicks. It may take a little experimentation before you find the right razor for your needs, but once you do it’s something you should stick with. Most of the professionals warn against using disposable razors, and instead, recommend getting a good single-blade non-disposable option, if you’re not going with an electric razor.

  1. Invest it a Brush

If you’re going to be using a razor that requires shaving cream, it’s worthwhile to invest in a good lathering brush. When you use a brush to apply shaving cream, it will penetrate your facial hair more thoroughly.

Getting That Ideal Shave

There you have it, four simple, easy-to-follow tips that make shaving a breeze. Just by sticking with the basic tips above you can learn how to create the perfect shave that will make look like you just left the barber shop every time.


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