How To Save Money While Traveling

November 1, 2016
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Saving money while traveling, is as important as saving money for traveling. The simplest tips and tools can earn you more memories for your money. From saving on the commute, to saving on your stay, we have the best travel budget advice below.

Rent a Car

With the chaos of airports, many people are opting to road trip to their destination, others fly and then need a car to get around town. Either way, renting a car is an option that can save time, money and even avoid putting mileage on your own vehicle. Budget Rent A Car is a top-rated car rental company that is conveniently found nationwide. The best news is, with Budget rent a car is you can redeem exclusive offers and coupon codes found online at, instantly. Many times, Budget is running weekly specials, there are also up to $20 savings toward your next rental online.


When flying, it’s important to be cautious of extra bag or overage charges the airports will hit you with. Even one extra bag can cost anywhere from $25 on up, both ways. Many people believe it’s beneficial to just bring one of their largest luggage pieces, however, if it is over the accepted weight limit and/or over the size limit, you will be hit with additional charges. The lighter you can fly, the less you will pay.


Group rates

If you have a great group of friends or family who are interested in low budget travel, not only can you often get special promotions such as discounted group rates on cruises, trains, and many theme parks, but you can also split all expenses evenly between the group. This type of savings allows each person to go further, see more, eat better and save big in comparison to independent traveling.

With over 325,000 hotels offered on their site, they have options for virtually every budget. has condensed these locations so you can easily compare prices, shop deals, and review ratings of hotels. In addition to coupons and promo codes, also has a noteworthy loyalty program which earns you exclusive offers and a reward system allowing you to continue saving as you travel. Bed and breakfasts, condos, and other specialty lodging experiences are also offered.


It’s shocking to some travelers how much of the budget is spent on eating, especially when you have children on board. A few simple tweaks can make a huge difference in your food expenses. Packing snacks and cooking your own meals cuts down on the inflated rates charged at travel stops. If dining-in isn’t an option, eating more at lunch and less at dinner lets you save by taking advantage of lunch prices. Hotels sometimes include complimentary breakfasts, however if it is not included, a quick walk or drive to somewhere local can save on overpriced hotel options.



Implementing one or all of these tips will help you significantly save on some of the costliest areas of travel expenses. Being smarter about renting and booking is not only frugal, but it can also cut down on time, thanks to the up to date websites and toll free numbers of the nationwide companies.


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