Following the Beard Trends for 2016

July 19, 2016
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While fewer men are growing beards, the death knell for facial hair — announced last year — may have been premature. There are plenty of men still managing their beards and a large group waiting to join the circle. We spoke with a number of experts — barbers and stylists — who spend their days grooming facial hair about how they imagined 2016 would affect the beard.

The Neatly Groomed Longer Short Beard

One of our consultants says the big, burly, bushy beard is a thing of the past. The next phase is the neatly shaped beard. The bottom of the beard will go no further than two inches below the chin. It will contrast with the lines of the cheeks, creating a full and natural neatness with the appearance of unpredictable growth.

This style is only feasible if you have the capacity for extensive facial hair. It can take months to get a good growth before proper grooming. Let the hair grow untouched for the foundation of the full beard. For management, trim along the lines where hair is high. Apply a moisturizer and beard oil to avoid flakiness and dandruff. While the beard is damp, apply a hair paste and blow dry medium power as you brush. This relaxes the hair, making it easier to style and shape.




The Short Beard

If the long beard sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. You might prefer something that falls between a full beard and stubble. According to a member of a highly regarded barbers association, shorter beards are more versatile with hairstyles (an important consideration whenever you grow a beard). These beards are kept at least one centimeter in length.

You need to grow a full face of hair before proper grooming. It’s the only way to avoid uneven lines and patches. Once cut close, you can see the shape following the face’s angles. Hairs are kept longer as you approach the chin to elongate the face, creating a rugged appearance. The good news is you can probably achieve the start for the short beard after letting facial hair grow for four to six weeks. After which, there has to be regular trimming, moisturizing, exfoliating and oiling.





Create a modern, slick look or go with muttonchops. Either way, sideburns are expected to be seen more in 2016. They work with most face shapes, but are especially suited for elongated faces. Sideburns only take a couple of weeks to grow. Cut and trim to shape, length and thickness. They can have a clean bottom edge or tapered. The length of sideburns should be consistent with your hairstyle.

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Not since Miami Vice has stubble been in vogue. Celebs like George Clooney have put it back on the map. Our experts say stubble is perfect for the full face. It’s also more versatile when it comes to hairstyles.

Wait for hair growth to be itchy. Use your bone structure to create lines for stubble shape. Wet shave the rest. Cut with a good shaver and trim with a three to five millimeter beard trimmer. Stubble requires good skin. Exfoliate to lift hair and prevent ingrown hairs. Moisturize regularly.

You can find detailed information on the different trimmers available over at





Our experts say as long as we have Tom Selleck, there’s room for a mustache.

Framing a mustache without a beard can be a chore. It takes as much patience as the beard, especially since each variation requires its own unique grooming style. Keep it waxed to shape. Use a mustache comb to manage straightness.

Make sure you want to go this route. A good mustache can take over a half year to get right. Attire can impact your mustache’s look. One type of mustache can work with active wear, but change mustaches and you look like a 70s porn star.


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