The Gentlemen’s Guide: Adding Jewelry to Your Look

March 14, 2016
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Traditionally, more women wear jewelry and accessories than men, but in recent years the men’s accessory market has really taken off. Now more men are turning to jewelry to showcase their personal style and update their looks. For instance, Research shows the men’s luxury timepieces market has grown a staggering 52% between 2009 and 2014.

The growth in the men’s jewelry market is attributed to a variety of factors, including increased availability, demographic shirts, changing styles in the workplace, and new societal norms on grooming, and this growth is expected to continue in the upcoming years. While watches, cufflinks and wedding bands have been traditional for men to wear, more men are now rocking men’s gold chains, diamond studs, bracelets, and pendants, plus wearing multiple pieces at once to create a more dramatic yet cohesive look.

Even online searches for men’s jewelry have increased. A recent study analyzing online searches related to men’s jewelry found these searches increased 22% across all categories. The study, which spanned from May 2013 to April 2015, found that chains and bracelets saw the highest growth rate, at 38% and 34%, while rings accounted for 45% of all online searches for men’s jewelry.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Men’s Jewelry

If you’re looking to jump on this burgeoning trend, be aware that they are some basic rules when it comes to men’s jewelry. To ensure your look is well put together, consider the following tips for wearing men’s jewelry.

Don’t Mix Metals

Most jewelry is metallic with either silver or gold tones. A general thumb for wearing jewelry is to stick to one metal. Also consider the metallic elements of the other pieces of your outfit, such as a belt buckle. For instance, don’t wear a silver watch with a gold belt buckle and chain. Metallic jewlery also differs in lightness and darkness. A gold necklace may have a stronger yellow hue than your gold watch. Be mindful of this to ensure you’re choosing pieces that look cohesive and don’t clash.

Do Consider the Dress Code

Every occasion has its own dress code, even if it’s not stated. For example, you wouldn’t show up to a business meeting in shorts and sandals, nor would you attend a summer cookout in a suit. Just as there’s a dress code for your attire, there’s also a dress code for your jewelry. For professional and formal settings, stick to simple, classic pieces, such as a watch, cufflinks and wedding band. For casual occasions, you can get more creative and wear your gold chain or leather bracelet.

Don’t Overlook Quality

When you buy jewlery, be sure to consider the quality, especially when it comes to metallic pieces. While choosing a silver-plated piece may seem like an affordable alternative, investing in a real silver or gold piece is the best way to go. Jewelry made of poor quality metals won’t last and can easily become tarnished or rusted. To avoid hindering your look, stick to top-quality metals that are long-lasting, durable, and attractive.

Do Complement Your Body

Your jewelry should be proportionate to your body, so consider your body shape and size when choosing your jewelry. If you have a slender frame, don’t pick a large chain or watch with a big face. The jewelry pieces will appear oversized and only highlight your small frame. The same goes for muscular men. A skinny chain or watch with a small face will get lost on your body and make you appear larger.

With these simple tips you can use jewlery to your advantage. When worn correctly, jewelry will bring out your individual style and complement your look.




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