The trade secrets behind male modelling

August 10, 2015
male model

Staring at those uber-preened photographs and hyper-posed double exposures, it’s easy to believe there’s no hope for you in the male model business.

But there’s a world away from the photographs, and it’s one of military-style workout regimes, beauty plans and more preening than a Preenathon Contest (whatever that is). Indeed, the less effort it looks like you’ve made, the more effort you’ve definitely made.

So, what tricks does the industry use to conceal its efforts?

The product

In this line of work, a full munitions case of cosmetics should be at your disposal – but you’ll have to use it more subtly than your female counterparts.

First you need to create an adequate baseline for your makeup, by gaining cleaner and clearer pores. Think of your skin as the blank canvas for you to work on and you’ll be fine. Every morning, apply a blackhead removal cream that will smooth out and unclog the pores, removing unsightly spots before they spread.

Once you’ve got your skin under control, it’s time to gain effective looking cheekbones. Simply apply a matte powder to your cheeks and lightly pucker your face every morning. Do this enough and you’ll gain the cheekbones of the gods.

Aside from this, always be sure you have enough powder on hand to apply an even look to your skin.

The workout

How much muscle you should build up really depends on the type of model you want to be. In five years’ time, do you plan to be flexing your abs on the cover of Muscle Fitness magazine or lounging in a svelte suit in GQ?

Whatever your goal, staying fit is a must. After all, Karl Lagerfeld isn’t too fond of letting guys who ritually feast on McDonald’s model his latest collection.

Find your goal weight and make your diet and workout plan revolve around it. So whether you’re stacked or trim, you’ll always be prepped for the catwalk.

The style

Trying to figure out the style du jour is like spinning a roulette wheel the size of the globe – the only chance you have of getting it right is if you have the preserved brain of Yves Saint Laurent projecting style tips onto your bedroom wall.

However, if you’re showing up for a modelling job, the trick is not to overdo it. While it’s important to look stylish, a designer doesn’t want someone peacocking in their own style – they’re searching for a blank slate they can carve and mould into their vision.

Essentially, your initial style isn’t a problem. What you need is the versatility to look good in almost anything. And how do you get that? With hard work, a flawless workout regime, great makeup and an ability to fit the vision of those mastermind designers.

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