Top 5 Essential Items in Every Man’s Closet

July 30, 2015
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It used to be nice and good old times then the fashion for men was as simple as dressing up before going to sleep. But times changes and a concept of how a modern and stylish man should look like changed too. Right now a man needs to be as put together as his lady friend, and also keep up with the latest trends. But believe it or not, there are 5 simple pieces that are super stylish and can be worn for many years – it will definitely not go out of fashion soon. So here is that short list of most classical and essential items, which should be in every man’s

Simple but super warm and stylish camel coat should be in every stylish man wanna-be wardrobe. But let’s not forget about this item’s versatility and ability to match with other styles too! No wonder that such celebrities with different styles such as Kanye West or even prince Charles like to wear this great piece. Camel coats also suit men in different ages too. So consider investing in one great neutral color camel coat and make yourself a little bit stylish during cold days.

One classic cut blazer actually is not only essential but super necessary! Such blazers can make every look more upscale, sophisticated and elegant. And the best part is that black and navy blazers can be seen in every runway show season after season. So if you decide to get one of these items, then you definitely made a right choice.

How can a man be without any good pair of jeans? This legendary fashion item was loved by many generations and can be worn for almost every occasion. Paired with appropriate shirts, button downs and jackets, it can help to create a little bit more relax look instantly.

It might seem to be weird, but classical men should have at least a few simple neutral color t-shirts. It can also be worn at many occasions if paired with other suitable items. But take notice, that buying the right t-shirt is not so easy after all! A hemline of a shirt should sit just below your waist, a shape should err on a fitted side and sleeves should fall somewhere between the middle of your shoulder and the elbow. Looks simple? Maybe. But after some time of keeping up with these rules, you will never buy ill-fitted t-shirts again.

To make stylish and fully completed wardrobe, finish your shopping trip with a purchase of some great dress shoes. It will go with your suit perfectly and will make you feel like a movie start too. Do a research of what kind of shoe color matches perfectly with a suit color and never be worried that you look bad ever again! But try not to wear these shoes with jeans or shorts, because it will cheapen the look, instead of the opposite.

If you really want to get all these items much cheaper and in a great quality, then shop online at Neiman Marcus. You will never miss a deal there and will be able to get super stylish and fashion-forward but classical looks too. Apart from that, with promo codes for Neiman Marcus, every fellow can get this timeless apparel much cheaper. Visit their internet website and see it with your own eyes!

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