End of Summer Style in 2015

August 1, 2015
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L.L. Burrell - GQ

Summer is a time for dressing down. The easygoing casual look sounds like a simple thing to pull off—and I’ve found that it is, but a bit of thought into my summer style can make a difference. I want to look suave, not like a slob.

Details matter. Adding one or two well-chosen accessories can give my basic summer look a touch of snazz.

For daywear, I generally choose a light button-down shirt. Cotton makes for a good fabric, but various cotton blends offer some attractive options. For example, a cotton and linen blend breathes well while being durable. It does wrinkle a bit, but it’s less prone to crinkling than a full cotton fabric.

I like the shirt to be a light color. So forget navy, gray, or black. I will stock up on pale blue, cream, teal, perhaps even pastel rose. Plain shirts will be fine, although patterns can work as well, as long as they aren’t loud.

I can pair this with chino shorts. Dark colors are fine for shorts, but most of the time, a medium shade will work better. I like to keep the color scheme balanced. I don’t think cargo shorts or patterns are advisable.


It’s a good idea to mix things up every now and then. Rather than wear shorts everyday, I will switch to cotton trousers sometimes. Even in summertime, these cotton pants can be comfortable and lightweight enough that I won’t feel the heat.

Boat shoes will go well with this kind of outfit. When I want a bit more class, I go with penny loafers. Socks or no socks, it works either way. But I find that it’s generally best to keep my ankles bare.

Of course, I’m likely to hit the beach at some point. I plan to pack a few pairs of old fashioned men’s trunks. The retro swim trunk look is flattering for my bod, and the lively colors will make me stand out from the pack.

For the final touches, I’ll put on a couple of accessories, such as a simple analog wristwatch with a canvas strap and a pair of full frame sunglasses.

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