Should You Grow a Beard?

August 24, 2015
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Beards are in fashion these days, which can make a man wonder whether he should grow one. As someone who cultivates a little facial hair, I’m familiar with the anxiety over whether it is a look that is working for you or not. You need confidence if you’re going to go down the path to beard growth.

Beards: Yay or Nay

Of course, the first question is, beard or no beard? It’s up to you to decide. Some men may feel that they have a youngish appearance and facial hair will make them look more experienced and authoritative. But truth be told, the best way to attain that status has to come from amassing a solid body of work and a well-respected reputation.

If you’re doing it to attract the ladies—well, facial hair isn’t a sure thing for that. Some women really love it, but just as many prefer a smooth chin on a man. Facial hair should be something you acquire for yourself, because you feel that it’s a style that matches your personality.

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Beard Fashion

Keep in mind that there are different ways to style facial hair. The lightly stubbled look was popular a few years back, and may have presaged the fashionability of beards today. You could go for a lean moustache or a full, thick one. Then there are beards, which come in many styles: soul patch, goatee, Van Dyke, Garibaldi, chinstrap, mutton chops, full beard, and many variations in between. A large beard is a commitment, not only in the length of time it will take to grow it out, but in terms of the maintenance and grooming. There are many styles that match different peronalities and lifestyles.



With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility

Even if you intend to grow a long beard, you will occasionally find it a good idea to trim it back from time to time. You will need a first-class beard trimmer in your grooming kit. Depending on the size of the beard, you may want to avail of beard shampoo and conditioner, beard oil, and moustache wax. As your beard grows out, you’ll find that its size and form can alter the shape of your face. If you’re skilled at using a beard trimmer, you can sculpt different facial looks for yourself. Or you can get a stylist to help you with that. 


While growing a beard can make a man look quite rugged, it can still look very polished and clean. It shows discipline and character to maintain one. If you are looking to grow a beard, keep these considerations in mind. 

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