100 Beards.

October 12, 2014
Some of you will know that I’ve been working as a freelance consultant for a grooming brand, advising them on what sartorial styles to pair with different facial hair styles, which is all pretty uproariously funny considering it takes me a solid week to reach a semblance of stubble.
Then again, I’m not really fussed considering anything more than three-day growth wouldn’t really sit well with what I usually wear. Still, it’s fun to marvel at the hirsute talents of others and blogger and photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce‘s latest project is perfect for paying homage to the facially hairier.

100 Beards by Jonathan Daniel Pryce 100 Beards by Jonathan Daniel Pryce 100 Beards by Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Ambitious Pryce has set himself the goal of photographing 100 beards in 100 days. So far (already 10 days in…) he seems to have devoted a sizeable chunk of his time trawling through the tasches, chops and full-beards of London’s East End, which, I can safely verify, more than fills its beard quotient.
Pryce says of the project:“Over the past few years, the beard has re-established itself as the ultimate accessory for the modern gentleman. Since moving to London I have seen many a handsome beard, which has induced what can only be described as beard envy. To help cure this, every day for 100 days I will attempt to find a new beard to photograph.”

The results are to be found on Pryce’s 100 Beards.If you fancy showing off your hairy wares, drop Pryce a line at JDP[at]JonathanDanielPryce.com or tweet him (@GarconJon).

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  • Mat July 12, 2012 at 9:42 am

    it's a super project and done really well up to now, it's quite exciting to see who comes next