Dress to impress: what to wear on a first date

August 25, 2015

Deciding what to wear on a first date isn’t just a dilemma that women face; it can pose a major problem for men too. While getting your choice of ensemble right could help you to clinch a second rendezvous, a fashion faux pas could potentially scupper your chances of romantic success. If you’re not sure which clothes to pull from your closet, keep reading for some useful tips.


Set the tone with stylish shoes

Shoes are the windows to a man’s soul, or at least this is what many women seem to think. This means that if your footwear doesn’t fit the bill, you risk being written off by possible partners before you’ve even said ‘how you doin’?’. Take care to choose a pair that complements your outfit and suits the setting for your date. Lace-up boots and stylish brogues are usually a safe bet, while for something a little plainer, men’s velcro shoes in smart leather could be perfect. Whichever pair you opt for, make sure they’re perfectly presented.


Go for smart separates rather than suits

Particularly if you’re meeting in a fine dining restaurant or you’re taking a trip to the theater, you might be tempted to wear a suit. As a general rule though, it’s wise steer clear of these two-pieces. Ensembles like this can come across as too formal, or make it look like you’ve come straight from the office. Smart separates are a much better bet. To create a look that your date is bound to love, try mixing your colors with light pants and a darker jacket. Jean-and-jacket combinations can work well too. These outfits look smart, but they lack the businesslike quality of suits and should make you seem more relaxed and laidback. Complete your look with a stylish shirt, and if there’s a chill in the air, you could slip a fitted jumper over the top.


Find clothes that actually fit

If you have to suck your tummy in to close your shirt or there are bulges of fat above your belt, it’s time to admit that you need clothes in bigger sizes. Even if it’s your favorite pair of pants or trendiest top, ill-fitting garments like this are an instant turnoff. As well as doing nothing to flatter your figure, clothes that are too snug could make you feel uncomfortable during your date. If you can’t find suitably sized options, it’s time to do some shopping. An imminent date is the perfect excuse to stock up on new shirts, pants and jackets.


Don’t forget about the finishing touches

As well as your shoes and garments, you’ll need to put plenty of thought into those all-important finishing touches. For example, a stylish watch could make the perfect addition to your ensemble.


Last but not least, apply a spritz of your favorite scent before you leave the house. Don’t douse yourself in it though. You might want to leave your date breathless, but not because she’s asphyxiated by your cologne.


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