A love letter to the shirt

June 20, 2017

Everybody knows about the power of the shirt. Whether you wore one at school, during your college graduation, your first dance, your last interview; the shirt can be found in nearly everyone’s wardrobe.

Shirts have been a feature of life for centuries. Johnny Cash preferred his to be black while Jim Morrison wore his open and flowing. Even David Bowie was a fan – rocking killer collars and glam-rock prints during his Berlin era. The shirt belongs to us all – the sports fans and the schoolboys, the rappers, indie kids, skaters and the ravers. It’s the wardrobe equivalent of a Volvo and we’re all supposed to have one.

They’re “classic” and “timeless” – a “wardrobe essential”. Here to save you from the daily agony of working out what to wear each morning.  

But despite it’s familiarity, the shirt has also become a high fashion phenomenon. Thanks to a perfect alchemy of industry influencers, popular zeitgeist and Machiavellian levels of marketing, the shirt is the must-have item of the moment. They are classic; buy one now and it’s unlikely to date. But try how you might, you won’t be able to risk buying another. And another. And another.

And why not? They come in every colour, you can easily dress it up or down. Wear it with brogues or with trainers. A bowtie or a rolled cuff. They also come in lots of different styles from fitted to boxy. Best of all, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Still, there are rules. One,  avoid patch pockets if you’re really broad. Two, the better the cotton, the better the shirt. And three, rules are there to be broken.

Here are the five shirts that we want in our wardrobes – from now until eternity. Head to GANT shirt page for the full collection

1GANT Slim Fit Active Oxford Shirt

2. GANT Tech Prep ™ Oxford Plaid Shirt


3) GANT Tech Prep ™ Focus Barre Shirt


4) GANT Oxford Shirt


5) GANT The Printed Broadcloth Shirt


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